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A&R Tactical Knives Korsar

Combine the Russian high-alloy stainless steel 95X18, which is considered to be one of the best materials in making forged knives, with a tactical design that also can serve as a hunting knife, and you have a new fixed-blade knife called the Korsar. The full-tang Korsar features a 10.8-inch drop-point blade that is .25 inches thick. The handle is made from birch bark with a stainless heavy-duty guard and pommel and is large enough, 4.5-inches long, to fit a large hand or to use with a gloved hand. The Korsar comes with a quality made black leather sheath that can be worn on a belt or clipped to tactical gear. To see the Korsar and other knives by A&R, go to

Seaguar InvizX and AbrazX Lines

Jordan Lee of Auburn, Ala. won the 2017 Bassmaster Classic cranking Seaguar InvizX and AbrazX lines, relying more on the AbrazX on hard bottom. According to Lee, “When I was digging that crankbait down into the bottom cast after cast, it never once broke off. For the final day of competition, I spooled with AbrazX – 17-pound for jigs and shaky heads and 12-pound for cranking – because of the premium fluorocarbon’s strength, abrasion resistance and thin diameter for long casts.” Visit


Rocky Mountain Warhead Broadheads

Although bowhunting season for deer doesn’t start for several months, we’re all thinking about it. Rocky Mountain has introduced the new Warhead, a 100-grain 2-blade cut-on-contact mechanical broadhead with wing blades for superior hide penetration and bone breakage. Once inside the animal, the wing blades of the Warhead force open two larger blades, providing deep penetration and massive wounds. The Warhead features an aluminum ferrule with a 1.75-inch cutting diameter and a cut-on-contact tip blade design that starts working the instant it makes contact. The jackknife blade-deployment system on the Warhead won’t open until the blades have made full contact with the animal, making broadside and even angled shots more deadly. Check out


Tru-Fire Eva Shockey Signature Release

TV personality and bowhunter, Eva Shockey, has helped design the new Tru-Fire Eva Shockey Signature strap-style release that’s packed with the latest Tru-Fire technologies, including a Tru-Forward trigger and Tru-Center technology in the head. Featuring a compact head with Tru-Forward trigger-finger positioning and a cam-sear design that crisply actuates the hook release, when the trigger is released, the spring-loaded long-profile hook immediately returns to the locked-draw position. The release head is coated in a sound-dampening finish to dramatically reduce noise. The Tru-Center technology on the release allows the head to freely pivot and rotate on two axes in order to self-align to the centerline of the release, eliminating torque. “Tru-Fire truly has the most advanced technology for releases,” Shockey says. “Working with the designers to create a release I can put my name on has been easy.” Go to


Nikon LaserForce Range Finder Binocular

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new range finder or set of binoculars for this coming fall and winter hunting, check out the Nikon LaserForce Range Finder Binocular. With a built-in 1,900-yard laser range finder, the new 10×42 LaserForce combines superior optical quality, ergonomic single-hand control, technologically enhanced features and a 100-percent backing with the Nikon No-Fault Policy. This combination equates to a highly efficient, must-have optic. The LaserForce features a laser capable of ranging distances from 10 to 1,900 yards with instantaneous readouts on a crisp OLED display with distances displayed in 0.1-yard increments to 100 yards, and 1-yard increments over 100 yards. Featuring the Nikon ID (Incline/Decline) Technology to compensate for the effects that slope has on trajectory, LaserForce provides hunters and shooters with the compensated range necessary to make the shot, whether uphill, downhill or on level ground. Extra-low dispersion glass, full multilayer-coated lenses and prisms plus a reflective mirror coating will give you pristine images. Visit

“A Redefined Life – Lessons From a Pitchfork”

This inspirational book from Mossy Oak Pro Ashlee Lundvall of Cody, Wyo., follows her path as an outdoors person, after a paralyzing ranching accident with a pitchfork. Today, Lundvall presents outdoor seminars for the National Rifle Association, Safari Club International and the National Wild Turkey Federation. She loves to hunt, camp, kayak, fly fish and hand cycle. Ashlee, her husband and her little girl enjoy preparing and cooking their game and fish. Ashlee doesn’t let any obstacle stand in her way or keep her from accomplishing what she wants and needs to do in the outdoors or in her daily living. Check out



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