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This is Huntin’ Land, the podcast for landowners and land hunters; with how-to’s for habitat management and land investment. If you own, manage, or dream of owning land, this is the podcast for you. What food plot seeds make the best spring and summer food plots for deer? How does one go about creating high quality forage and, thus, create a bigger deer herd?  On this week’s show we’re talking with Daniel Bumgarner of Wildlife Management Solutions to help us to determine the best spring and summer food plots for your deer herd, turkey population, and other wildlife.





Topics Discussed for Determining the Best Spring and Summer Food Plots for Deer

Soil Health

  • What food plot seeds produce high quality forage that will produce a lot of bio mass, like cereal grains.

  • Broadcast vs. Drill?

  • What do you recommend for those looking to start a no till rotation for optimal soil moisture etc?

  • What temperatures , soil and air, do you look for?

Feeding or Creating a Bigger Deer Herd (More Deer)

  • Do you change your choices based on deer density?

  • Browsing Pressure Considerations – What food plot seeds handle browsing pressure best

  • How much of your land do you attempt to plant for spring and summer? Same as Fall, more or less?

  • Are there any summer food plot plantings that will attract and hold deer?

  • Any food plot seeds that improve lactation or make it easier on a doe during gestation and fawn rearing?

Antler Growth 

– What is important with regards to macronutrients in summer nutrition to produce bigger antlers and heavier body weights?

– How important are protein levels? What levels are ideal?


– What about fat and carbohydrates, how do they play in?

– What spring and summer food plot seeds produce the best quality forage for folks interested in producing higher protein content?

– Is there anything we can plant in the spring that will provide forage into bow season?


  • What time of year should we look to begin planting the best summer food plots for deer and other wildlife?


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