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Coyote Control and Management

Has an Increase in Coyotes Upset the Ecosystem? If so, How Can You Increase Your Coyote Control?   Two cats and four dogs remain after a coyote killed Jerry Welch’s pet cat, Goldie. A retiree...

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Strip-Disking to Save Wildlife

Controlled burns and strip-disking during wintertime will mean better forbs and nesting areas later.   By now deer season has ended throughout the country. I hope you have that big buck at the...

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Trimming Predator Populations

Trimming Predator Populations Helps Other Game and Birds   With all the time and effort that we as wildlife managers put into conserving and protecting the game animals we love to hunt, we hate...

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Plot Partitioning

Food plot ideas to provide year-round nutrition and attraction. Plot partitioning is a mouthful of vowels that simply means keeping crops separate. With the increasing number of hunters planting...

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More than Just a Pretty BOW

If someone asked you where they could go to learn about the outdoors, would you know where to direct them?   Learning about outdoors activities can be especially challenging for women, as the...

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