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The drilling shotgun may be the ultimate weapon for the hunter or landowner. With one weapon you have the ability to fire a centerfire rifle capable of taking down large game, buckshot and slugs capable of the same, bird shot for any flying quarry or small game like rabbits and squirrels. With an insert you equip yourself with a rimfire cartridge for small game and varmints. If you had to only own one gun, you’d want it to be this. Most hunters are familiar with the European drilling shotgun and shotgun rifle combination guns that are popular in countries like Germany with their strict gun ownership laws. The issue that arises with the drilling shotgun and European combination guns is that they are very complicated to have imported and very expensive to purchase. One collectible firearms importer has solved that problem. Today on Huntin’ Land we talk to George Inge, who from a love of an inherited drilling, started a company to “Save the Guns!’ being destroyed everyday in Germany and help American combination gun enthusiasts make money in the process. To Listen to the full interview on how you can invest, listen below.

Today on the podcast Dr. George Inge with T&G German Gun Imports, a firearms importer who will answer:

– How did you come to learn about and enjoy German collectible firearms and become a collectible firearms importer?

– Why is your motto, “Save the guns”?


– What is the “Drilling Shotgun”?

– How does it compare to standard rifle shotgun combination guns?

– Who are the more well known combination rifle shotgun manufacturers?

– When looking for a drilling gun for sale, what can one expect to pay?

– Can we/should we hunt with a collectible firearm? What are the advantages and precautions?

shotgun rifle combination gun. the German Drilling

A german Drilling Shotgun Rifle combination gun like this No. 19417 Drilling Sauer&Sohn Mod. 3000 can typically be imported through T&G and sold immediately for a profit.



– Can we expect our rifle to impact the same as our shotgun barrels? How is this accomplished?

– How do you set one of these up with optics?

– Being used, What kind of shape are the collectible firearms in?

– What about gunsmithing if we have a problem?

– What about all this metric ammunition? Isn’t getting ammunition for collectible firearms going to be a problem?

– Would these make a good “first gun” for a youth hunter?

– What is the purchasing process? How do you find the shotgun rifle combo you are looking for?

– How Long should one expect the purchase of collectible firearms like the drilling shotgun rifle combination guns you import to take?

collectible firearms importers drilling shotgun rifle combination guns

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