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Deer Season Checklist

Begin now to complete certain tasks to help make this deer season a success. Sometimes it’s the little things that can crop up and throw a hunter off track. A loose screw, a misplaced release, or...

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Archery Practice Done Right

There’s more to archery practice than flinging a few arrows at a target. To be successful in any sport, practice is required. Even pro athletes must put forth some effort in practice in order to...

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It Won’t Happen to Me!

Everyone Needs to Keep Safety in Mind When Hunting From Tree Stands I wake from my dream with the bed sheets damp from my sweat. I’m still shaken, panicked from that feeling of weightlessness, that...

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Elk: To call or not to call

I stand by a very unpopular elk hunting philosophy with regard to calling elk.  I assert that an elk hunters best call is saying nothing at all.  August is the time of year when aspiring elk hunters...

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Are Hunting Lodges for You?

Plan ahead and ask a few questions to locate the right hunting lodge for this season. All across the state, many hunting lodges or reserves are available for different types of hunts.  These lodges...

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New WMA for Small Game

It’s unusual. With most hunters in Alabama focused on big game such as whitetail deer, sometimes the small game hunters feel like a red-headed step child. Now, the ADCNR has introduced plans for a...

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