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Seeing Spots

Smith Lake, Hot to Spot in Cold Weather   Playing word association with Alabama fisheries yields ideas etched in the mind of almost every serious fisherman. For Guntersville, the images are...

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Below the Dams

Tailrace Fishing Is Not for the Faint of Heart   I’ll admit it. I’m just a little bit nervous on this fishing trip. No, let me be honest here. I’m a lot nervous. I’m sitting in the back of...

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January Coastal Outlook

Inshore fish will be lurking in their winter haunts waiting for hardy anglers this month.   Getting outside for a fishing trip this month can be a tough mental decision. First, you have to deal...

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January Lakes Outlook

So, it’s a little bit chilly. At least we don’t have to drill holes through the ice to go fishing!   Although January in many locations of the United States is a brutal time to try to be one...

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More than Just a Pretty BOW

If someone asked you where they could go to learn about the outdoors, would you know where to direct them?   Learning about outdoors activities can be especially challenging for women, as the...

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Winter Bass Tactics

You can catch big bass in the cold of winter if you are prepared.     As November brought us cooler weather, it sent many to the woods in pursuit of Joe Buck or they hit the duck blinds with...

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