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Elk: To call or not to call

I stand by a very unpopular elk hunting philosophy with regard to calling elk.  I assert that an elk hunters best call is saying nothing at all.  August is the time of year when aspiring elk hunters...

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Are Hunting Lodges for You?

Plan ahead and ask a few questions to locate the right hunting lodge for this season. All across the state, many hunting lodges or reserves are available for different types of hunts.  These lodges...

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New WMA for Small Game

It’s unusual. With most hunters in Alabama focused on big game such as whitetail deer, sometimes the small game hunters feel like a red-headed step child. Now, the ADCNR has introduced plans for a...

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Introducing Dogs to Gunfire

The proper way to introduce a dog to the sound of a gun. There are many ways to acclimate young gun dogs to loud noises. Many owners start with having metal cans and metal dishes for puppies to play...

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World Deer Expo Deals – Part 2

Day 2 of the World Deer Expo was the busiest day of the event by far. Visitors packed the BJCC to see everything that the vendors had to offer. Here are more of the deals that Team Great Days was...

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Hunting Alabama Alligators

Alligators don’t chew their food but swallow it whole or in large chunks. History Channel’s popular TV show, Swamp People, has spurred an interest in ‘gator hunting throughout the country. Luckily,...

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