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The Best Kayak Anchors Of 2023

One of the great things about kayak fishing is the mobility a good fishing kayak allows. Anglers can go lots of places that are hard to reach with conventional watercraft. Kayaks are easy to move which makes finding fish a lot easier. But for effective kayak fishing, sometimes it is just as important to make sure the kayak does not move. Sometimes an angler needs to stop and hold a position for best fishing results. This is where well-designed kayak anchors comes into play.  An anchor can make all the difference between a frustrating situation where the kayak needs to be in a certain place but won’t stay there on its own or a very productive outing with fish in the boat. Kayaks are very subject to wind and tide movement, and an unanchored kayak will soon be blown or drifted off a hot fishing spot.

How To Choose Kayak Anchors

Each kayak angler will have different fishing styles and needs when it comes to anchoring. It doesn’t make sense for a kayak angler to spend a lot of money on an anchoring system if a simple “drop the anchor in and tie the rope off” system meets the needs of the angler. It all comes down to what a specific angler needs from her/his anchoring requirements.

If an angler spends most time fishing shallow bayous and backwaters, a simple stake out pole may be all the anchor that is needed.

Trolly kayak anchors
Trolly anchoring system allows infinite anchoring for best kayak positioning.

An angler who fishes larger, more open and deeper waters may need an anchoring system which allows secure contact with the bottom, an anchor and line system of some kind. 

Kayak Anchor Points To Consider

Anchoring a kayak can be very helpful for certain fishing situations, but anglers need to keep in mind that anchoring a kayak can also create some very real safety hazards.


An anchored kayak has much less flexibility of movement and if the current is strong or waves are high or there are lots of big boat wakes present, an anchored kayak can easily be overwhelmed by the moving water and can turn over. 

Anchoring a kayak should not be done in strong current. A free-floating kayak under paddle or pedal power is a stable, secure craft, but an anchored kayak gives up a lot of the kayak’s stability.

The classic situation where a kayak should not be anchored is the passes to the gulf from bays.  These passes are great places to catch some big fish, but they are often very rough with boat wakes, Big waves coming in against outgoing current, and just plain strong outgoing current can get spooky in a kayak fast. It is best not to anchor in these passes

Kayak Anchoring System Options

Stake out poles are just what their name says, poles long enough to reach the bottom which can secure a kayak. These poles can be purchased ready-made or rigged up by the angler. Stake out poles need to be long enough to reach the bottom but not so long as to present a problem on the deck of the kayak. Most anglers can do very well with a pole about six feet long. Despite being such a simple and cheap item, stake out poles can be very effective kayak anchors in shallow water situations.

Anchor trolleys are systems which allow anglers to position the anchor point of the kayak anywhere from the very bow of the boat to the very stern. This adjustability makes anchoring much more secure and allows the boat to be positioned for the best casting position for the angler. Trolley systems are more complex and require some attachment points to be mounted on the hull of the kayak both bow and stern.

We can’t overlook the most sophisticated kayak anchor system- an electronically operated pole which is mounted to the stern of the kayak and which drops down to secure the kayak to bottom with the push of a button. These systems are easy to operate, very fast to make a secure hold, and they hold a kayak very securely in position. 


YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley Kit

YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley Kit


  • Steel
  • Deluxe anchor trolley system with Harken pulleys
  • Allows the bow of your vessel to turn in to the current for a smoother experience
  • Mini zig zag cleat included to maintain stable positioning
  • Installation instructions and hardware included
  • Kit also includes 30-Feet of rope

The Deluxe Anchor Trolley by YakGear ensures you stay in control while fishing in an anchored position. This kit allows you to deploy various anchors, drift chutes, or stake out poles to assess wind and current conditions, all while maintaining an ideal fishing spot. By mounting it on one side of your kayak or canoe, the nylon pulley system lets you position the trolley anywhere from the bow to the stern. The Harken pulleys ensure smooth movement without rubbing against the boat, while the raised design prevents scratches or damage. The kit includes stainless steel installation hardware, instructions, and rigging tips from YakGear.

66FIT Kayak Anchor

66FIT Kayak Anchor


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Suitable for kayaks of all sizes
  • Provides a secure hold in various water conditions
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Ensures stability and control during kayaking activities

The 66FIT Kayak Anchor is a compact and reliable anchor designed specifically for kayaks. It provides a secure hold in various water conditions, allowing you to stay in place while fishing, taking breaks, or enjoying the scenery. The anchor is easy to deploy and retrieve, featuring a durable construction and a compact size that is suitable for kayaks of all sizes. With the 66FIT Kayak Anchor, you can ensure stability and control during your kayaking adventures.

Superstick Shallow Water Anchor Pin Kit

Superstick Shallow Water kayak Anchors Pin Kit


  • Aircraft-grade fiberglass rod construction
  • Versatile and tough design
  • Preferred T-handle
  • Removable handle allows custom length adjustments
  • UV inhibitor
  • A must-have for shallow-water anchoring
  • Kit includes anchor pin, cinching rope lanyard, and rugged storage clips

Constructed with aircraft-grade fiberglass rod, this anchor pin offers unmatched strength for a reliable hold on every occasion. Its versatile and durable design includes a boater-preferred T-handle, making it easier to drive in and stake out, even on tough surfaces. The removable handle allows for custom length adjustments, and a UV inhibitor ensures long-lasting performance. The kit includes the anchor pin, cinching rope lanyard, and rugged storage clips, providing everything you need for a convenient and secure anchoring solution.

Bvgauxd Sand Anchor

Bvgauxd Sand kayak Anchors


  •  Length 36” with stainless steel screw auger
  • Pure 304 stainless steel material anchor
  • Large grip
  •  Bungee dock line creates a bidirectional pull

The Bvgauxd Anchor is specifically designed as a shallow water anchor, perfect for PWC, Jet Ski, and pontoon users. Crafted with durable 304 stainless steel, it offers excellent UV and corrosion resistance. With its 36-inch length and auger design, it easily digs deep into sandbars and shallow water areas, providing superior stability. Paired with a bungee dock line, it ensures a secure hold, preventing accidents during your short breaks on the shore. Say goodbye to docking troubles with the Bvgauxd Anchor, your reliable shallow water companion.

Power-Pole Micro Anchor System

Power-Pole Micro Anchor System


  • Silent motor deploys and retracts anchor spike
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Compatible with C-Monster operating system for remote control from included controller or through a fee app on your smart phone.
  • Compatible with 3/4″ spike (sold separately)
  • Two-year warranty

The Power-Pole Micro Anchor System is perfect for kayaks seeking to anchor in shallow lakes, rivers, and lagoons. This innovative system utilizes an electrically deployed spike (sold separately) to secure the boat in challenging conditions such as wind or currents. With a wireless button or a free app on your Android smartphone, you can effortlessly control the anchor’s deployment using a silent motor. The remote offers convenient one-touch up and down controls, allowing you to adjust the anchor force as needed. The Micro Anchor can be mounted on the transom or deck, and with additional mounting brackets, it can be easily transferred between boats. The spike remains secure until deployed and can be detached for transport.

Power-Pole Ultra Light Spike

Power-Pole Ultra light Spike Shallow 


  • Holds boat up to 1500 lbs
  • Works with Power-Pole Micro Anchor System

POWER-POLE 8′ Ultra-Light Spike Shallow Water Anchor can be used as a manual anchor or with the Power-Pole Micro spike driver.

Kayak Anchor FAQs

How to anchor a kayak with/without a trolley

To securely anchor a kayak whether using a trolley system or a  simple “drop it in and  cleat it off” anchor on a rope is fairly simple. Locate the position the kayak needs to be, move up current or upwind a bit and quietly let the anchor down. Give a little scope to the anchor line, and the kayak should be set in position. 

What size anchor for a kayak-weight

For most kayak angling applications, a 1.5 pound to 3.0 pound anchor will work fine. Kayaks are light and they don’t put a lot of pressure on a properly set kayak anchor.

How to attach an anchor to a kayak

Although attaching an anchor to the kayak is important, it is important also to make sure that if the anchor must be released at times, to chase a big hooked fish or to make an emergency change of location- that the anchor can be later retrieved.  Each kayak anchor should have a float attached to its line so that the anchor won’t be forever lost if it has to be released quickly. A simple Styrofoam float such as used for crab traps which has the anchor line run through the middle opening of the float will allow kayak anglers to drop the anchor and come back later to pick it up.

In general, kayak anchor lines can be secured to the kayak with a simple cleat securely attached to the kayak hull. This allows a very quick and secure attachment with an equally quick and easy release when it comes time to move.

Final Thoughts On Kayak Anchors

Anchoring a kayak securely and well can make the difference between a frustrating, non-productive fishing trip and a trip which gives the angler a chance to catch a lot of good fish. Each angler’s needs will be different, and each angler’s kayak anchor will reflect these different needs.

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