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“The last snake proof boots you’ll ever need!” It’s a pretty bold statement, right?  So what makes me able to confidently say they are? It’s a combination of factors really, but for me, it all starts with the fit.



Snake proof boots are of no use if you don’t wear them every time you may encounter a snake. The more ground you’re covering the better the chance of stumbling into your worst nightmare. If your snake proof boots don’t fit you well, you’re going to grab another pair of boots that do. That’s why it’s imperative your boots fit you like a second skin. Most of us wear boots too narrow in the toe box, or too wide in the heel. This causes crowding, slippage, and ultimately blisters, discomfort, and fatigue.

All Russell Moccasin boots are custom made based on drawings from your feet (click here to see the process). Did you know, most people have one foot just slightly larger than the other? I’m no exception, my right foot actually needs a ½ size larger boot than the left. When I ordered my boots from Russell, this was no problem for them to accommodate. There is nothing like having footwear built especially for your foot, mine molded to my foot in no time, giving me the utmost comfort from day one. But for me to make the claim that Russell Moccasin Co. makes the last snake proof boots you’ll ever need, they have to do more than just fit well. So let’s talk about the next factor that supports my claim, the construction.





You can have the best fitting boots in the world, but if they don’t stop snake bites, how can they be the last pair of snake proof boots you’ll ever need? The Russell Turkey Hunter comes standard in a 16” height, high enough to protect you from even the largest cottonmouths, copperheads, and Diamondbacks. The entire boot and the gusset strip in front are lined with Turtle Skin Snake Armor which is the lightest weight snake proof material on the market. It weighs a third of what other materials do and is also thornproof and waterproof. Speaking of waterproof…

“What good are snake proof boots if you can’t take them into wet areas?”

What good are snake proof boots if you can’t take them into wet areas? I don’t know about where you roam, but some of my closest encounters with angry venomous snakes have been slipping down creeks during turkey season, sloshing through cypress swamps blood trailing deer, and working around ponds and lakes during the warmer months. The Russell Moccasin Turkey Hunters are triple vamped, meaning they have three layers of comfortable leather making them as waterproof as a leather boot can be. I’ve waded mine through creeks, puddles, wet grass, and rainy days and I’ve never had wet feet. But maybe you don’t deal with swampy areas, are these still the last snake proof boots you’ll ever need?

The beauty of custom building a pair of boots is that you can match them with your unique environment. Maybe you hunt hilly conditions and need a boot that allows you to side-hill. Tell this to Russell Moccasin Co. and they will handcraft your boots with heel counters to prevent walkover at the heels. Want a sole that can deal with slick clay mud or rocky mountainsides? Russell has an option for that. Just about any condition that you need a boot for, they can build it into your custom pair. Russell has been building boots by hand, In America, for 120 years and they’ve certainly dealt with just about any request you can imagine. So, while fit and construction are the most important to me, let’s talk about the final factor that will make these boots the last pair of snake proof boots you will ever need. It’s something that most of us maybe wouldn’t like to admit that we consider, the look of our boots.



If you aren’t confident in the way you look in your snake proof boots, you won’t wear them every time you should. Russell Moccasins are built in the timeless moccasin design, one that has stood up to years of “fashion” changes. Maybe you’re a forester who needs boots for those long timber cruises or an upland hunter who doesn’t need camo. The uppers are available in solid colors so you won’t stand out if you need to wear them to the office or into town for a quick bite.


If you’re a turkey hunter, you’ve got to know your boots aren’t going to make you stick out like a sore thumb when you’re sitting down on that roosted gobbler. To that end, the Turkey hunter comes with extra height and camouflaged uppers to make sure your socks and calves stay concealed. Still want to take them off before you head to work after that quick morning hunt? The hooks in the ankle and upper leg make for fast lacing and unlacing.


The Last pair of Snake Proof Boots You’ll Ever Need

 As one of my favorite jokes goes, “Why are divorces so expensive?….Because they’re worth it!” A pair of custom-designed, handmade snake proof boots from Russell Moccasin Co. are without out a doubt an investment. Why are they more expensive than other snake proof boots on the market? Because they are worth it! If you spend your time walking miles every year in snake territory like I do, and you want to buy the last pair of snake proof boots you’ll ever need, head on over to Russell Mocassin Co. and design a pair of boots. I can promise it will be an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

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