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Start your spring food plots preparations with liquid fertilizer for food plots!

Spring food plots for wildlife are very important. These are the plots that will provide nutrition to deer during a time when the fawns are being born and the bucks are growing a new set of antlers. Also, wild turkeys will be laying eggs and hatching. Hens and poults need an ample source of nutritious food for the best chance for survival.

Let’s assume that you’ve amended your soil back in the fall. How can you now give the spring food plots a big boost and add calcium to forage? Products from Alabama Liquid Fertilizer and Supply is the answer. Even if you don’t have the perfect pH, liquid fertilizer for food plots is not dependent on the soil to be effective.


So, What Are the Advantages?

“Plants absorb nutrients much faster through their leaves, stems, buds, and soft woody tissue than through their roots.”

Plants absorb nutrients much faster through their leaves, stems, buds, and soft woody tissue than through their roots. Liquid fertilizer works much faster. Granular fertilizer has to work from the roots and much of it is lost after it rains.

Land managers also need to use less of it, thus saving money. I have discovered that liquid fertilizer is much more affordable with less waste. Also, I don’t have to deal with hauling heavy sacks of granular fertilizer, transporting it to the plots, dealing with the dust and hoping the rain doesn’t wash it away. Plus, there are other advantages.


“I finally found a way to keep my wild turkeys on my property during turkey season,” says Chris Grantham, owner of Alabama Liquid Fertilizer. “Every year, my adjoining landowner would start feeding corn just before the season and my turkeys would disappear. This year, I applied the fertilizer with calcium to all my food plots well before March and the turkeys never left. I believe the calcium in those plots is what kept them there this year, unlike previous years.”


Try using liquid fertilizer on your clover food plots as you prepare your spring food plots

Photo by Alan White


What Minerals Are Needed Most?

Calcium is a mineral that is important to wildlife — especially when in you spring food plots. By adding calcium to your plants, it’s like providing a mineral block in every plot. Calcium helps wild turkeys develop eggs with harder shells. This improves hatch rates. It will attract more bugs for newborn poults to feed on. During the first 4 weeks of life, poults feed predominantly on bugs. It also provides nutrients for does to develop more nutritious milk for their fawns and any hunter knows that calcium helps bucks develop antlers to the full potential of each individual’s genetic makeup.

Granular fertilizer leaches into the soil during a rain and much of it is lost below the roots of your crop. Liquid fertilizer will absorb into the plant and strengthen the root system. It also makes the plant more palatable for your wildlife. Plants taster better and are more nutritious.



Why Are Spring Food Plots Important?

This spring, I had 3 full clover food plots I had planted last fall, but none of them were lush and thick. I knew the wild turkeys would need those plots in April and May especially. I applied the liquid fertilizer in early March and by April 1st, they looked as pretty as any clover food plots I’ve ever grown. I don’t think a granular fertilizer would have given me the quick result I wanted.

As I mentioned before, spring food plots are important for several reasons. Wild turkey poults need bugs to survive the first few weeks of life. In fact, that’s all they can eat. Spring food plots provide an ample supply of grasshoppers and other insects. The mama hen will lead the poults through the plots disturbing the bugs and the poults will pick them off. It’s a very enjoyable thing to watch.

Does with fawns need an abundance of nutrition during this time of year to provide quality and quantity of milk. Planting a new food plot provides young, tender vegetation at a time when most of the fall food plots have become mature and less palatable. Spring food plots will help them raise strong, healthy yearlings.


Where Can You Get Liquid Fertilizer?

Get your liquid fertilizer for food plots from Alabama Liquid Fertilizer and Supply Inc. for all your spring food plots needs!Alabama Liquid Fertilizer and Supply Inc. offers a wide variety of liquid foliar fertilizer for sportsmen, wildlife managers, fishing pond enthusiasts, landscapers, and even managers of golf courses and other athletic complexes or just people who want to improve their lawns. Anyone who wants to grow healthier plants can benefit by applying liquid fertilizer to food plots.

The company also sells sprayers and spray equipment to apply its products. The main products include Clark’s Plot Nutrients, Rod Buster, Micronutrients, Quick Green and Humate Plus.


Why Alabama Liquid Fertilizer and Supply Inc.?

Grantham, who is an avid hunter explained, “Knowing the nutritional needs of deer and turkey in the spring is what led us to develop these specialized products. Developed by Clark’s Plot Nutrients, these products will provide what wildlife needs during this time of year. Adding the one percent dietary calcium is what helps the deer, turkey, and quail the most. In order to grow a rack to their fullest potential, bucks need calcium during the antler-growing season, spring and early summer. Quail and wild turkey hens need calcium for stronger eggshell development while they are laying. Applying this fertilizer to your spring food plots and it just makes a lot of sense. Our product is also high in phosphorus.”

“Within an hour after applying it, the plants will absorb 80 to 90 percent of the product.”

Four to seven times more efficient than granular fertilizer, this product will save you money, work more quickly and benefit wildlife tremendously in spring. In fact, within an hour after applying it, the plants will absorb 80 to 90 percent of the product. And rain will not affect it after that.

It’s best to apply the liquid fertilizer when plants are just a few inches tall. But, even fully developed plants will absorb the calcium and nutrients, giving them more strength to develop larger seed heads.

It’s easy to calculate how much to mix in water. The container’s label has recommended amounts to apply per acre and the manufacturer of your sprayer will usually have more information on their website or the owner’s manual about application rates.


That’s a Wrap!

Alabama Liquid Fertilizer and Supply’s product is a must for anyone wanting to take care of their wildlife, especially in one of the most important parts of the year. This products is not just easier for you, but its also beneficial to animals, more economical and more effective.

For more information on how to buy Alabama Liquid Fertilizer and Supply Inc. products, call Chris Grantham at 334-233-2687 or send him an email at

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