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Land Interest Rates 2022

Land Interest Rates Update 2022 Farm Credit of Northwest Florida is headquartered in Marianna, Fl with offices in Milton, Monticello, Jay and Tallahassee with a mission of “Helping Rural America...

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Land Financing Rates For 2022

Land Financing Rates For 2022 Alabama Ag Credit (AAC) is affiliated with the over 100-year-old nationwide Farm Credit System and is a stockholder owned cooperative. That means that when someone...

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Land Equity Loans Explained

Land Equity Loans Explained Did you know the land you own can be a powerful form of collateral if you need to acquire a loan? Land equity loans work similarly to a home equity loans, but they use...

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DIY Fire Pit Ideas

DIY Fire Pit Ideas It’s nice to be able to bring a little light and warmth into our evening and nighttime hours, and it’s not hard to do either.  With the right accessories and some great DIY fire...

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