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Elk: To call or not to call

I stand by a very unpopular elk hunting philosophy with regard to calling elk.  I assert that an elk hunters best call is saying nothing at all.  August is the time of year when aspiring elk hunters...

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Building Your Own Bugle Tube

It’s August in Montana and that means every elk hunter in the state is tuning up their calls and fantasizing about mountain warfare we know as archery elk hunting.  This time of year attention...

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Best Elk Bugle Tubes

Recently on a forum, I read a post on the best bugle tubes for elk.  There were certainly many quality tubes and manufacturers mentioned.  As an outfitter, it is a question that I am often asked. ...

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So, You Want to be an Elk Hunter!

Start Planning Now for that Trip of a Lifetime By Alan Carter (EDITOR’S NOTE: Alan Carter graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in resource conservation and has spent the last 25...

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Welcome to Western Exposure

Several months ago, Joe Baya, publisher of Great Days Outdoors, approached me about writing a full time western blog.  At the time it seemed a little out there.  Why would the folks in the south...

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