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Wildlife Management

Should You Put Your Own Dog Down?

We are all journeying down the same road of life, and along the way, we find ourselves at a crossroads wondering what path to take.  Life is really a series of the choices we make, or don’t...

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Writer Bio: Ed Mashburn

Ed Mashburn Ed Mashburn is a long-time contributor to Great Days Outdoors and has served through the years in a range of capacities. For over twenty years, he has enjoyed telling the stories of...

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Crankbaits as a Contact Sport

Bumping stumps and other bottom objects is the key to drawing strikes with crankbaits. In baseball the coach stresses making contact with the ball. Without ball contact it’s difficult to gain any...

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2017 World Deer Expo Deals – Part 1

World Deer Expo Deals Part 1   It was a whirlwind weekend at the 34th annual World Deer Expo. There were over 400 exhibitors on site and an estimated 25,000 visitors to the 3-day event held in...

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August Alabama Lakes Outlook

Hot weather and hot fishing on Alabama lakes this month Why can’t we save up some of this heat and humidity for next January when we’ll be freezing as we fish on the lakes of Alabama? Come January...

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Worm Fiddlin’ For Yellow Cats

It was like spring was getting to Tater Knob early one February. On Friday, the temperature reached about 70 and the next morning Chipmunk, Catfish Baker and I went to the mill pond at Brier Fork...

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