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Wildlife Management

Product Review: ASAT Knarr Pant

  My hunting partner Jamie, owner of the local archery shop, and I were in his shop last year discussing our plans for the 2016 hunting season.  I run an outfit and I only get one or two days...

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Acute Mountain Sickness

While preparing for your hunt in the mountains, don’t forget to prepare your body as well.  Perhaps nothing is more exciting than jumping in a rig and heading off to a great Rocky Mountain...

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Top 5 Archery Elk Hunting Myths

Every year we get a dose of August and September elk hunting articles.  Whether it is blogs, online videos, magazine articles, or the painful TV hunting shows, the “norms” of elk hunting...

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Elk: To call or not to call

I stand by a very unpopular elk hunting philosophy with regard to calling elk.  I assert that an elk hunters best call is saying nothing at all.  August is the time of year when aspiring elk hunters...

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Building Your Own Bugle Tube

It’s August in Montana and that means every elk hunter in the state is tuning up their calls and fantasizing about mountain warfare we know as archery elk hunting.  This time of year attention...

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Best Elk Bugle Tubes

Recently on a forum, I read a post on the best bugle tubes for elk.  There were certainly many quality tubes and manufacturers mentioned.  As an outfitter, it is a question that I am often asked. ...

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