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Wildlife Management

Fur Trapping Comeback

Higher fur prices have rekindled an interest in the art of fur trapping.   Many major cities across America can trace their roots back to fur traders of the mid-1600s. Early settlers set up...

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Honey Sriracha Turkey Jerky Recipe

How many of you toss the legs, thighs, and wings of the wild turkeys you take? Be honest…Not you, you say? Well, maybe you know a guy. If you aren’t using the dark meat of your hard...

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Tips for Turkey Hunting

Luck seems to follow those who are well prepared for turkey hunting.   Unless you are one of those “lucky” hunters who we always seem to hear about, successful turkey hunters earn just about...

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Hunting the Clear-Cut Gobbler

Making the Most of Hunting Clear-Cuts for Gobblers   When it pertains to turkey hunters, perhaps nothing gets to them more than seeing their favorite timber fall to loggers. Arriving at a...

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Small-Game Squirrel Hunting

Hunters often overlook the small-game hunting season that continues after deer season and the enjoyment hunting small game can bring.   I could feel my grandson Zach’s heart beating excitedly...

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Hunting Dog vs Running Rabbit

Using a hunting dog for rabbits is first-rate fun.   A few decades ago, rabbit hunting was at the top of the list in the Cotton State. This was because small farms and garden patches provided...

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