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Day 2 of the World Deer Expo was the busiest day of the event by far. Visitors packed the BJCC to see everything that the vendors had to offer. Here are more of the deals that Team Great Days was able to secure from some very generous businesses.

Along with the great deals we were able to secure for you, we took a little time to stop by the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries booth and spoke with Chuck Sykes. Chuck wanted us to give you all the latest on where baiting stands for the 2017-2018 season so be sure to check his message out.


Big and J Deadly Dust / Swagger Bipods


Deadly Dust – Sweet corn based to throw a little variation into the feed pile.  You would not want to eat the same thing every day and neither do deer.  When the feed pile gets a little stale sweeten it up with deadly dust.  Changes palatability profile to keep deer interested.  Consists of 10% protein that is approximately 60:40 UP to DP.  Digestible energy around 90%.  Added Ca to nearly meet the Ca needs of deer and at a ratio of 10:1 compared to P.  When to feed: year round





Unlike traditional stiff-legged bipods, shooting sticks or monopods, Swagger does more than simply function as a barrel rest.  The adjustable telescoping legs feature flexible joints that allow infinite maneuverability, which means you get the stabilizing benefits of the bipod without the restriction of the stiff legs. Swagger allows you to maneuver in any terrain and any situation, constantly stabilizing your shotgun, rifle, muzzleloader or crossbow while you raise up or lower down, slide left or turn right, move forward or lean back.

Great Days Outdoors Readers receive 40% off your cart! Use Code: shootwithconfidence  Maximum spend:  $439.97, Expires 1/1/2018 (through December 31st, 11:59pm) Usage limit per user: 1



Sherpa Hunting


The Sherpa Game Cart converts your favorite treestand into a cart. It attaches in seconds and requires no modification to your stand. Ideal for public land and rolling your gear into the woods the Sherpa makes your stand even more useful. Great Days Outdoors readers use promo code GDOFS1 through August 20th for free shipping on any Sherpa product at



Insights Hunting


The MWP series Bow Pack and Crossbow pack from In Sights hunting is the newest most versatile way to carry your weapon and gear in and out of the field! Our packs hold and protect your weapons and gear in the vehicle and in the woods during your hunt. In sights hunting quality products built right. Great Days Outdoors readers will receive  free shipping with the code worlddeerexpo at





Apex Ammunition



Apex Ammunition is an obsession driven company that focuses on making the most superior shotgun shells on the market for serious turkey and waterfowl hunters that know their time in the field is limited, so they better make it count. Apex is the first company to load with a high-density metal called “Tungsten Super Shot” (TSS) in its shells. TSS gives our hunters a better kill range, better pattern and more confidence.  We believe in getting each hunter what they need to be successful and that all starts at our store then followed up with great customer service.  Check us out at and search around for great information on Tungsten Super Shot and try some out for yourself located on our website. Great Days Outdoors readers use the code WDExpo2017 for a 10% discount on your order.  See you soon!


Slogan Outdoors


Slogan Outdoors manufactures the Best Slings Made. Securely gripping your shoulder for hands-free carry, famous backpack position, and multiple shooting positions. With over 15 models of Slings, we have what you need no matter what weapon you use.



Deer Crossing Archery



Deer Crossing Archery set out to make the best arrow out there and found out that we could do it at an affordable price. We make a high quality, carbon arrow with over 20,000 fletching options. Great Days Outdoors readers will receive 20% off all of our products using the code GDD20 at


War Hawgs



WarHawgs is an Adaptive Sports Program helping Disabled Veterans, VeteransActive Duty Military, and First Responders by promoting self-esteem, conflict resolution and enhancing their quality of life. They serve veterans recovering from and learning to adjust to life with spinal cord injuries (SCI), traumatic brain injuries (TBI), loss of sight, and post-traumatic stress (PTS). They accommodate some of their most injured military heroes thus helping these honored veterans find their “new normal”. Their non-profit organization’s mission focus is to enable the veterans and active duty military personnel (both wounded and well) who have passion for hunting, shooting, and the outdoors, the ability to do so!  They also provide outdoor activities for military members and their families, with a focus on reintegration after many years of deployments. For Great Days Outdoors readers, for every subscription ordered through August 31st, one subscription will be donated to the veterans with


C-EZ Reflective Outdoor Products


C-EZ Reflective Outdoor Products is an Alabama based company in the outdoor industry that manufactures highly reflective wraps for both arrows, crossbow bolts and treestands. Every hunter has either had problems recovering their arrows, crossbow bolts, tree stands, or gear in the dark at some point or another. Their goal is to help solve these potential problems for every hunter, and to keep things simple at an affordable price! Great Days Outdoors Readers will receive FREE SHIPPING on every order of wraps with promo code: CEZ2017 Check them out at 

Bama Offroad



Bama Offroad specializes in diesel performance, lift kits, wheels, tires, and truck accessories. We have built a truck for a member of the Dallas Cowboys and would love to build the truck of your dreams. Great Days Outdoors REaders will receive a free Bama Offroad t-shirt with any purchase over $100.


Mimik Calls



We have 2 new calls we would like to share. The first call is a grunt bag that is 100 percent moisture free for the cold weather hunter! This mouth-free call is guaranteed not to freeze and keeps the same consistent tone from 1-100 grunts. The sound it produces is exactly what you hear while hunting. Our second call is the custom handmade tonewood rattling box! The rattling boxes are constructed of tone woods from around the world. The wood has to pass a tone inspection for sound. We can take orders via email or phone at or 770-616-9910.  Just mention you saw our product on Great Days Outdoors and you will receive free shipping.


Vertical Gun Racks


Our uni-body gun racks are designed to fit all guns, from practical to tactical. Our product is a gun storage and space saving solution. Built by gun owners for gun owners. Made in the USA. The unibody metal design is innovative and sleek, perfect for storing your gun anywhere in your home or camp. Each rack is coated with a thick, heavy industrial grade rubber coating that is durable and won’t harm the finish of your gun, protecting your gun and rack to ensure a long lasting product. All racks are pre-drilled and holes are countersunk for flush clean mount. Great Days Outdoors Readers receive a 20% discount on all orders, this weekend only. Please use coupon code EXPO at checkout at


Great Southern Outdoors


Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation in Union Springs, AL offers many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. See the website for photos, videos, packages, and prices. Our lodge provides comfortable private rooms, outstanding southern cuisine and the best in hunting; whether for deer, turkey, hogs, quail or pheasant. Great Days Outdoors Readers: Our hog hunt special continues, as does our Christmas special in which your youngster gets a .243 youth rifle to keep. We also offer a couple hunt special that includes a deer hunt and a free hog hunt. Contact us today or visit our website: give us a call at (334) 738-5066.


My Hunting Land



My Hunting Land offers 3-5 day hunts and yearly hunting leases in Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa. We provide game cams, scouting reports, maps, food plots, and tree stands as an optional an add-on service for our leases. Our website shows photos of trophy deer that have been harvested on our leases and provides options of leases in different states. Great Days outdoors Readers visit us at to see our World Deer Expo special lease prices.


Game Country USA



Check out the only “Timer-less” feeder mechanism that you will only need to set one time and only replace the battery once a year. Game Country USA manufactures the highest quality microprocessor controlled “set it and forget it” wildlife feeder mechanisms only Made in the USA so you can Focus on the Game not the Gear. Great Days Outdoors Readers receive the extended show special until Sept 1, 2017. Just mention “World Deer Expo” and if you go to our FB page, Like and Share we will enter your name in a drawing for a free Day II “set it and forget it” feeder mechanism.


Got You Hooked Guide Service



Got You Hooked Guide Service on Lake Martin, Alabama offers guided fishing trips for bass, striped bass and crappie. We provide everything you need for your day on the water. Check out our website for more information and mention you saw this on Great Days Outdoors.

Frostie Bottom Treestands



At Frostie Bottom Treestands, LLC, we provide high quality, comfort, and longevity in every product to maximize your outdoor experience. Our products are designed for comfort, security, safety, and durability including a 3 year factory warranty. We only use USA grade material that is engineer tested to ANSI standards to bring the hunter a product that will help them to “Feel better, Perform Better” Great Days Outdoors readers receive extended show pricing for two weeksTom Stopper Turkey Seat $50.00, All Mossy Oak Camo replacement seats $35.00, Triple Threat Lock-on Stand $225.00, Just click on the buy icon from the store and the items will already be discounted to expo prices.


Real South Hunting



Real South Hunting was established in 2010 to provide a look into the lifestyle of a southern hunter. Our goal is to show the world the Real South Way of hunting and fishing in the southeast.  Currently you can find our show on CarbonTv, Hunt Channel Tv and local broadcast in southern Mississippi. You can visit our website to find merchandise. We have a huge selection of products from Snapbacks, Flexfits, beanies, t-shirts, decals, hand cleaners, Bullseye Bug Repellent and much more. The hottest sellers of the World Deer Expo this year have been our Snapbacks and the Bullseye Bug Repellent. Great Days Outdoors REaders receive 10% off all products by entering the code GDOM10. 


Vapple Products


Are you geared up for deer season yet? Whether its scent elimination, scent covers, wind checkers, deer attractants, or deer minerals, we have you covered. All of our products are unique and set themselves apart from anything else on the shelves. Our products are in a very saturated market but, there’s nothing else like it. For Great Days Outdoors readers, we are extending our deals to offer 25% off storewide on all of our products. Sale ends Thursday, August 31, 2017 at midnightUse promo code: DEEREXPO17  at




Adrenal-Line offers a better way than ringing a birds neck or biting its head guaranteed – quick. Clean. Humane. Finished. Great Days Outdoors readers receive  Free shipping using promo code free2ship at


Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries



By far the two most asked question to our staff was,” I’ve heard we can hunt over bait this year.” or “when are you guys going to let us hunt over bait?”  We want to make sure that hunters in Alabama understand it is not legal to hunt over bait and the Department of Conservation can’t do anything about it.  This is a legislative issue.  The Baiting bill passed the House of Representatives but did not make it out of committee in the Senate.  Hunters should not solely rely on what they see on Facebook or hear at hunting camp, do a little homework and check with one of our staff or visit for all details regarding the upcoming hunting seasons.



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