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This is Huntin’ Land, the podcast for landowners and land hunters; with how-to’s for habitat management and land investment. If you own, manage, or dream of owning land, this is the podcast for you. Deer scent attractant can be a valuable tool in every hunters arsenal and knowing what to choose during all phases of the rut will give you an added edge from the early season to when peak breeding has occurred. On this week’s show, we talk with Zack New with Native Scents.  Zack shares with us his expertise in deer scent attractant, some of his deer scent strategies, and his thoughts on the best deer scent attractant for early season, pre rut, and post rut.





Questions and topics covered this week discussing the Best Deer Scent Attractant For All Phases of the Rut:

Best Deer Scent for Early Season

What do you feel is the best deer scent for early season?

Best Deer Scent for Pre Rut

 What do you feel is the best deer scent for pre rut and why?

Estrous cycle, bottle timing, and pheremones.


What is the best deer scent attractant for mock scrapes?

What is the best deer scent dripper?

Best Deer Scent for Rut

What do you find is the best deer scent attractant during the rut period?

Does scent go bad?

How should we store it?

How much is enough?

Best Deer Scent for Post Rut

What scent do you feel is best once peak breeding has occurred? Why?

What picture are we trying to paint with deer scent?

What about the best deer scent dispenser?

Do we need to take any precautions when applying deer scent with regards to our own scent?

Deer Scent Strategies

How do we want to use the wind and deer scent to our advantage?

Is using deer scent attractant as simple as putting the scent any old place or are there some specific strategies we can employ with our scents to make them more effective?

Do you like drags, wicks, both, neither?

Do you feel like the scent strategies for Southern deer are different than midwestern deer?

Do you deploy multiple scents at times or over a period of days to “paint a picture” for a deer?


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best deer scent attractant strategies pre-rut, early season, and post rut


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