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Tips for Sheepshead Fishing

Look for sheepies around hard structure.   The tide was moving strongly out to the Gulf, and the rocks of the jetty were slippery with the slopping of the waves and the green slime growing on...

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Jumpstart Your Food Plot

With the threat of frost gone, it’s time to jumpstart your food plot.   As spring approaches and the woods begin to come to life after the winter hiatus, the opportunities for improving habitat...

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Top Lures for Prespawn Bass

Use These Lures to Cash in on Lunker Action Before Spawning Begins   Gauging by the calendar, spring is still a few weeks out. Weather in Alabama during this time of the year is fickle at best....

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It’s Crappie Fishing Time

What’s the most popular game fish? It’s the crappie, of course! And lots of them await your visit to the Delta.   The little bobber settled after my short cast. I had dropped the bait near the...

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Honey Sriracha Turkey Jerky Recipe

How many of you toss the legs, thighs, and wings of the wild turkeys you take? Be honest…Not you, you say? Well, maybe you know a guy. If you aren’t using the dark meat of your hard...

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Get Your Fishing Gear Ready

For anglers, a little time in the shop can pay off big for your fishing gear.   Let’s be honest here. I’ve lost some really good fish because I had neglected my fishing equipment. Sometimes, I...

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