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Winter Bass Tactics

You can catch big bass in the cold of winter if you are prepared.     As November brought us cooler weather, it sent many to the woods in pursuit of Joe Buck or they hit the duck blinds with...

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Coastal Fishing Outlook

Fishing can be great, but you’ll need to watch the weather and rainfall. With hunting seasons all about to be in full swing, the all-around sportsman in South Alabama has a real problem. Fish or...

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Mobile Delta Wood Duck Workout

In the world of waterfowling, there are very few things you can count on. Weather is always an iffy proposition during traditional waterfowl seasons, the timing of the migration is rarely consistent...

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Hunting the Rut in the South

During the rut, deer have one thing on their minds. Hunters should too—bagging a buck.   The best time during deer season to take a trophy buck is to start hunting the rut. In some states,...

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Proper Wife Argumentation

  There comes a time in every mans life that he finds himself in fierce negotiation with his lovely bride. Usually, it is over money, the kids, or the house. There is, however, one particular...

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Training Your Gun Dog Whoa!

“Whoa” is perhaps the most important command for your gun dog. The most important command without a doubt is training your gun dog Whoa! This simply means stop moving “NOW.”   Hold Their Point...

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