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Fishing with Kids

These timely tips will help your children have lots more fun on fishing trips.  “Oh my goodness,” my husband, Brett, yelled. “Look at the size of that fish!” Neither of us could believe our eyes....

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Juggin’ Alabama Waters

This action-packed fishing technique brings the best results. The mist from the water cascading over Bankhead Dam quickly dampened our clothes as we put out our jug set. We were on the Warrior...

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Join the Night Club

After dark, hit the lake for some nighttime bass action. During the summer months, many lakes and reservoirs receive heavy fishing pressure and boating traffic during the day. As the water clears...

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Introducing Dogs to Gunfire

The proper way to introduce a dog to the sound of a gun. There are many ways to acclimate young gun dogs to loud noises. Many owners start with having metal cans and metal dishes for puppies to play...

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