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Fish Fillet Table Plans for Boats, Docks, and Portability

I’ve done it on a truck tailgate. I’ve done it on my boat. I’ve done it on the beach, on my dock, and even on the kitchen counter. Get your mind out of the gutter. You never know where you’ll end up cleaning fish and, for this reason, fish cleaning table manufacturers have come up with a plethora of fish fillet table plans to fill every need. Sometimes you need a portable fish cleaning table, other times you need a fish cleaning table for boat fillet jobs, and, if you’re lucky you’ve got a nice dock mounted fish cleaning table, be that an aluminum or stainless steel fish cleaning table, in a shady spot right on the waterfront. Let’s learn what’s on the market today so you’ll be able to choose which one is right for you. 


Portable Fish Cleaning Tables

When I think portable, I’m thinking about guys who need to clean fish out in the open. You could be setting up to clean fish on a camping trip or cleaning fish in your backyard, but either way you need a table that is light and doesn’t take much room. With these two needs in mind, here are your two main options.



Folding fish cleaning tables like the Coldcreek Outfitters Ultimate Fillet Station with Faucet are ideal for RV’s and guys who are travelling to do their fishing. 

stainless steel fish cleaning table

Folding fish cleaning tables like the Coldcreek Outfitters Ultimate Fillet Station are a great, portable, fish cleaning solution.


The Ultimate Filet Station folds down for easy storage but for some guys this is still too big. For those guys who just want to knock out a few fillets on the tailgate of their truck or on the beach and want to cut down on even more storage, check out the fish cleaning table top (photo below) for the Yeti Tundra from Mangrove Marine




This fish cleaning table top bolts to the cooler so it won’t slide off and it has sides and drain ports so your fish won’t go anywhere and fillets can be sprayed off with ease.


Mangrove Marine makes this fish cleaning table which bolts directly to the top of a Yeti cooler.


Fish Fillet Tables for Boat Fillet Jobs

You could take either of the portable fish cleaning tables and use them on your boat, but the folding version won’t be stable if the boat moves and it will take up precious space. The cooler top fillet table will require you to bend over making for a very uncomfortable session in the slime. If you’re finding yourself in need of a pupose-built fish fillet table for your boat, try a rod holder fillet table like the one pictured below from Magma


There are a multitude of rod holder fish fillet table plans available to fit applications from bait cutting all the way to heavy duty fish cleaning.


Dock Mounted Fish Cleaning Tables

If you’re cleaning fish, more often than not you’ve departed and returned to a dock. That brings us to our last type of fish fillet table, the dock mounted fish cleaning station. Now we’ve all used the build your own type. Typically it’s an amalgamation of scavenged wood, usually splintered, and some type of cutting surface, often plywood. The problem with these “build your own” types is that there’s often warping, cracking, and typically an odor from the previous angler’s efforts (or lack thereof) to clean the table off when he was finished. 

For a dock mounted fish fillet table that is really well thought out, you really need to check out Killerdock. They make several different types of ceramic coated marine grade aluminum fish fillet tables that are just as good as stainless steel fish cleaning tables. 


dock mounted fish cleaning table

Killerdock makes several different types of ceramic coated marine grade aluminum fish fillet tables.


An Alabama based company started in 2018, Killerdock has been selling like hotcakes. Their motto is “The best fish cleaning stations known to mankind, and here’s why:


fish fillet table

An ingenious design, the patented legs allow everything to drain directly into the water.


Water, slime, scales, and blood all drain through the patented legs and directly into the water. This results in a much cleaner fish filleting experience. 


fish fillet table

Each Killerdock table can be fitted with a canopy that is both stylish and functional.


Killerdock has 3 main fish fillet table types and each can be equipped with a canopy to keep your skin cool and free from sunburn. 

Appearance and Design:

Killerdock can certainly accommodate your fish filet table needs.


With table configurations from five to eight feet wide and custom designs by request, there is a fish fillet table that will certainly meet your needs. More than just functional, Killerdock is striving to create fish cleaning stations that are beautiful as well. Something you’ll want to show off just like your boat or your house. 


dock mounted fish cleaning table

These fish cleaning stations look so good, they can certainly be considered showpieces.


Cleaning fish can be a hassle, making you messy, tired and frustrated. It can also be time well spent with friends enjoying the fruits of a day’s labor on the water. So whether you do it on your dock, on the beach, in the boat, or in the bed of your truck, there is a fish fillet table that will work for you. 

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