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Post Frame Building Kits To Enhance Your Land

Nearly every person needs more space from time to time. Some of us need a lot more space, and we need it all of the time. For these folks in need of more usable space, there will come a time when we realize that we need to look into options for obtaining more space and it is time to stop putting off the new building. This is where post frame building kits come in.

New buildings can be very expensive, and no matter what kind of building we’re looking for- residential, commercial, agricultural- we want to find the best building system that will give us the most space for the least amount of money spent.

One of the most economical yet fully functional systems of building, post frame construction can bring needed storage or commercial space into being in a remarkably short period of time.



post frame building kit

Additions to post-frame buildings can increase usable space.


But just like nearly every other kind of major project, planning and paying for a new building requires some research and time spent finding the best option. For many folks putting up a new building, post frame construction is a building method well worth closely looking at.





Just What Are Post Frame Building Packages?

Trista Cabrera of Dixie Building Supply, a long-time Gulf Coast construction material supply company, explains just what post frame buildings are and how they work.

“Post frame construction is a method of building that uses posts and roof trusses to create a structurally sound building with wide open interior space. Dixie has been selling materials for post-frame construction for more than twenty-five years,” Cabrera said.  “The post frame building construction is a fast and economical way for a customer to build. It requires less materials than a stick-built structure and therefore takes less time to construct.”

Post frame buildings constructed by experienced builders go up fast, and their building materials are usually readily available.  Building a pole barn, storage unit, or other major project will go faster and better with post frame construction than any other method in most cases.

One of the great advantages of post frame construction is the large amount of open interior space this form of construction provides. This makes large equipment storage, material storage and handling, and flexibility in use of space much easier than other forms of building construction.


Choices and Additions

When planning on a new building, choices in materials and colors and finishes are important. There are many choices in building color which will make a post frame building much more flexible for the owner’s preferences.


metal building

Big doors make post-frame buildings well suited for large equipment storage.


“Our metal panels come in 21 different color choices as well as a silver-spangled Galvalume option. Our metal panels are offered in both 26 and 29 gauge,” Cabrera said.  “Typically, 26 gauge, which is our thicker panel, is used on our post-frame buildings. Customers can choose to mix and match roof, wall, and trim colors on their builds.  Customers also have many different sizing options to fit their specific needs.  Customers have the option of adding lean-to porches and canopy extensions onto a main frame enclosed structure.  We offer anywhere from a smaller structure of 16 X20 feet up to a 40 X 60 and greater.”

One of the greatest advantages of post frame construction is the easy flexibility of building size. Post frame construction can make a massive warehouse for industrial use, or it can make a backyard workshop for tools storage and equipment repairs.


Choosing a Site and Foundation Work

Post frame construction can be a real advantage to customers who want to get the most building for the least amount of preparation work. Compared to other building construction forms, post frame needs less site preparation work, and foundations, or the lack of foundations, will be no problem.

Cabrera advises folks looking at using post frame building kits that the best site is a flat piece of land and that post frame buildings can be done with a concrete slab or without a foundation and utilizing the ground or gravel.  


post frame building kit

Post-frame buildings provide convenient use of space at a low cost.


“Dixie only supplies materials for the structure, but the independent contractor takes care of the foundation and site preparation for the projects,” she noted.  “If our post-frame buildings require engineered plans in order to pull permits for the project, because these plans are site specific, customers or their contractor would need to provide a material list for us according to their project’s plans. We can help a customer in the beginning phase of their project by estimating costs before they move forward.”


Creating Value is About More than the Cost of Materials 

In any major building project, the quality of materials, the ease of obtaining materials, and the reputation of the supply company are all important elements. It helps to work with a company which has been in the area for a while and which knows what works and does not work and can give good advice to potential builders.

“The quality of our materials, our customer service, and our expertise makes us the best choice for our customers.  Dixie Supply has been a trusted staple in our community for over 50 years and we have specialized in metal roofing and building supplies for over 25 years,” Cabrera noted.  “Combined with our sister store Baker Metal Works and Supply, we now have eight locations in the Southeast to better serve our customers.”


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