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Why We Started a Charity Fishing Tournament

On September 25, there’s a charity fishing tournament to be held at Dauphin Island Marina. Now, this is not an unusual thing.  Lots of fishing tournaments are held on the Gulf Coast, and one thing in common is that anglers taking part always have a great time putting their skills, talent, and luck up against some of the best anglers in the world to see who can come away with cash and prizes.

But this tournament is something special. It’s a benefit tournament to help the good folks at the Women’s Resource Center of Mobile (WRC) continue to provide services to women who are in need of help.

The Hold the Line Saltwater Fishing Tournament is a special contest for some special people, and there are divisions for junior and adult anglers and a wide range of fish species eligible for prizes.


charity fishing tournament



Sponsored by the Church of the Island and premier platinum sponsors Great Days Outdoors and Dauphin Island Marina, this charity fishing tournament offers cash prizes for all jackpot categories, and a $1000 cash prize is offered for the Grand Slam winner. This tournament runs from 6:00 until 5:00 on the 25th


About the Women’s Resource Center

“Our mission is to reach the hearts of women facing  unplanned pregnancies and provide them education on all their options,” said WRC spokesperson Marty Carrell.  “We empower women with compassion, education, and holistic care, and by doing so, we see them not only choose a better life for themselves and their children, we begin to see a culture created in our community that every life has value and potential.”



“At the WRC we start with one person at a time. We believe that each angler has the ability whether through fishing or sponsoring an event, to affect that one person, which leads to one family and ultimately affects thousands of generations to come,” Carrell said.


Why Anglers?

“At the WRC, we see first-hand the influence or lack of influence that fathers have on the lives of their children.  Many of our fundraisers cater to women, such as baby showers. We wanted to provide a way that more men might participate and become more familiar with the WRC ministry as a whole,” Carrell noted. 


killerdock fish tank

Saltwater Finaddicts and the guys at KillerDock wanted a tank available for tournaments and also a conversation piece to use to help promote catch and release


“The WRC knows that men matter. Men love to fish. So, the Hold the Line Fishing Tournament came about. We hope by fishing in our tournament, men will find a way to become part of what we feel is one of the greatest organizations that provides a place for men to thrive as influencers, role models, and just great fathers that are so needed.


How About Fishing Chaos and the Operation of the Tournament?

“We have been so blessed that the Church of the Island, Butch Thierry of Great Days Outdoors, and Iris Thierry at Dauphin Island Marina have really come alongside of us and made this all possible.  They connected us with Fishing Chaos and it has been wonderful.  A bunch of women who had no idea how to run a charity fishing tournament have learned an awful lot and Fishing Chaos is making it so much smoother this year. We have been able to have all of our registration online and individuals have the ability to sign up to sponsor the event through Fishing Chaos. It has really cut down on the ‘chaos’ for us this year,” Carrell explained.


How to Run a Fishing Tournament – Fishing Chaos Can Help

Running a fishing tournament of any kind can be a real headache if it’s not done properly, and organization is the key. If things are done on time and there’s a clear schedule of activities, a fishing tournament can be a lot of fun and make some money for the organization. 

Having said that, a badly planned and run tournament can be a misery for everyone involved, and it can be a very quick way to create long-lasting hard feelings among participants, workers, and sponsors.

Fishing Chaos, a Mobile, Alabama based organization is dedicated to helping in the planning and running of fishing tournaments and has perfected a system to provide what anglers and tournament directors need to have a successful event.


charity fishing tournament fishing chaos app

The Fishing Chaos app and platform simplifies the tournament process for both the tournament directors, as well as the participants.


“Take the Headache out of Managing Your Tournament” is the motto of Fishing Chaos and their app. and platform. Fishing Chaos permits tournament directors to run their tournaments more effectively and participating anglers to make their fishing time more organized for both traditional tournaments and virtual contests.

Online tournament ticket sales with credit cards for registration and online ticket configuration is automatic with the Fishing Chaos app, and this means that tournaments can expand their nationwide sales to many more anglers than traditional single locality tournaments. With the Fishing Chaos app., tournament directors can make sales to anglers anywhere in the nation.

A big advantage provided by the Fishing Chaos mobile app. is that it allows anglers to weigh-in fish virtually.  The catch can be verified using measuring and location tools built into the process.  This is easier on the angler and much easier on the fish. During a tournament, anglers can check the current leader board position on the app.

The Fishing Chaos app and platform allows college and high school fishing clubs to hold unlimited fishing tournaments with no tournament fees when club members sign up as gold members of the app.


Fishing Chaos also makes life easier for charter captains

Fishing Chaos offers a Charter Management app. which allows charter captains to run their fishing business from the palms of their hands. The Charter Management app. lets captains set up dates and rates, and clients can book trips in real time which prevents double bookings and a charter guide’s entire calendar can be displayed in a single view.

Charter captains can now book trips through the guide’s profile on the platform, which helps with new customers and makes repeat clients book trips even easier.

A big advantage of the Management app. is that credit card payment can be processed with low rates. Fishing Chaos has simple pricing and it doesn’t take a cut out of a guide’s sales.

Even discount and coupon codes can be processed and presented on the Management app, and groups of anglers can show split payments made.


For the Rest of Us

Fishing Chaos has developed an easy to use angler’s app which allows the recording of detailed information for future reference.

Anglers can keep and maintain a log and record all the details of a day’s fishing, including locations of catch, time of day, weather conditions, species of fish, size and weight of fish and gear used.  It’s “total recall” for an angler’s later reference and use.

In addition, anglers can communicate with charter captains to schedule trips and check on current conditions for planned trips.

The Fishing Chaos app even features a Hot Map which is a graphic display which helps anglers keep up locations where the bite was hot.


Contact Information

Women’s Resource Center of Mobile




Fishing Chaos




Please join us for the third annual “Hold the Line” Fishing Tournament benefiting the Women’s Resource Center!

This year’s event will be held at Dauphin Island Marina on September 25th.  You can purchase your ticket at the link below.  


This charity fishing tournament is for adult and youth fishermen. Cash prizes will be awarded for all jackpot categories, as well as a $1000 cash prize for the Grand Slam winner! All other categories will receive other prizes such as rod & reels, coolers, and more! Each person who purchases a ticket is entered in the drawing to win one of 2 Grand Prizes, purchase multiple tournament tickets for more chances to win! 100% of ALL ticket sales will go to the Women’s Resource Center! One drawing prize being a $1500 coupon that can be redeemed for a KillerDock, The Greatest Fish Cleaning Station Known to Mankind or accessories from killerdock.com. The second drawing winner will get a Pelican Mustang 100x fishing kayak and a Calcutta Cooler, even if you do not fish the tournament. 

The Women’s Resource Center is a local 501c3 nonprofit that has been serving mobile for 37 years. To learn more about them and how they serve our community visit www.wrcmobile.org.

Need More Info? Give us a call at the Marina|  (251) 861-2201


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