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This is Huntin’ Land, the podcast for landowners and land hunters; with how-to’s for habitat management and land investment. If you own, manage, or dream of owning land, this is the podcast for you. Taking out coyotes on your property benefits game populations and it is a great way to continue to enjoy recreational opportunities on your land. If you want to be successful coyote hunting the devil is in the details. On this episode, we talk with Byron South of Convergent Hunting Solutions. Byron is an expert, and he shares with us his coyote hunting and calling tips, his coyote calling setup, his opinion on the best coyote gun for the money, how to call coyotes in winter and more; all to help get us beginning coyote hunters started.





Some of the questions we’ll cover this week discussing Deer Season Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyote calling Setup

– What do we need to do to first find coyotes?

– Is it a scenario of if you call they will come or do we need to find fresh sign?

– What are some basics do’s and dont’s regarding camouflage, and setting up for calling?

How To Call Coyotes in Winter


– What is the best way to call coyotes in the winter?

– Should we focus more on any particular sound, i.e. distress prey sounds or coyote sounds?

– How to bring coyotes in close, how do you like to setup?

– How close do you want to get the coyote to you?

– What are some coyote hunting tips for guys in heavy cover areas?

– How important is scent? Will coyotes circle downwind like a deer coming to calls?

Coyote Calling tips

– What is the “best” Coyote calling sequence? How important is sequence?

– What are your coyote hunting tip on the “best” call? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Best Coyote Gun for the Money

–  What’s your favorite coyote gun for the money?


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