First Snook caught in Alabama Waters? | Great Days Outdoors

A Freaky Event for an Experienced Guide

When Capt. Darrell Combs of Orange Beach, Alabama and his client, Andrew Cochrane of Franklin, Indiana headed out for a day of fishing near Wolf Bay on October, 16, 2017, the last thing on their minds was snook. However, while fishing in Hammock Creek, that’s exactly what they caught. This may be the first, and perhaps the last snook to ever be landed in the waters of Alabama.


Photo submitted by Capt. Darrell Combs.


Capt. Combs said the snook hit a live shrimp on a popping cork. Although Capt. Combs has landed many snook while living for 7 years in south Florida, he was more than surprised to see what was on the end of his line. “The fish broke the water and I thought it was a small tarpon. I’d caught several in this area over the summer. When I realized it was a snook, I said, Holy Cow, it’s a snook! Nobody has ever caught one around here.”


Combs took a few quick photos and released the fish back into Hammock Creek. One of the photos he took while using his wife’s phone, automatically displays the location of the photo. Have you ever heard of a snook caught in Alabama waters?

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