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Dock Fish Cleaning Station Ideas for 2023

Catching fish is fun, and eating fish can be very rewarding, but something very important must happen between the catching and the plate. Fish cleaning can be a nasty, difficult and not at all fun operation or it can be a quick, efficient, and rewarding task. It all depends on the tools used for the cleaning of the fish. There’s no tool more important than the actual fish cleaning station.

Many anglers are forced to use a rough, crusty, ancient and rotten deck surface or other such platform for cleaning their fish, and this is not the best arrangement. KillerDock has perfected the fish cleaning station, and this company can fabricate a modern, clean, and pleasant fish cleaning station regardless of a specific angler’s needs.

Aaron Williamson of KillerDock provides us with some very helpful information for when we decide that we’ve had enough of that nasty old deck cleaning surface and ready for a custom fish cleaning station.

“The KillerDock fish cleaning stations are built in the USA with Marine Grade Aluminum and then protected with clear ceramic coating from SG Marine. The unique patented designs of the tables and canopies look more like art than simple structure, yet are strong enough to stand up to the elements. They are designed not simply to be a utilitarian place to clean fish, but to be a beautiful addition to your property,” Williamson said,, 



What Sizes Do KillerDock’s Stations Come in? 

Not every angler who cleans fish has the same dock and cleaning space, so a range of cleaning station sizes is important.  

The table model sizes start at the Upscale 3 1/2 which is great for 1 person, then the most popular Upscale 5 1/2 which is great for 1-2 people, and then the largest Upscale 7 1/2 which can fit 3 people at one time. The Slam canopy models utilize the same table sizing, but have a wider footprint for the canopy structure,” Williamson advised.


fish cleaning station

The KillerDock’s overhanging table system reduces the station’s footprint on the dock surface.



“Both the Upscale and Slam fish cleaning stations can be designed with a Flat base or 90º base. This allows you to design the right station for your dock, pier, seawall, or patio,” he said.


How Does KillerDock Get Rid of The Mess?

Of course, the biggest problem for any fish cleaning station is the mess left behind after the filets are processed. The best way to dispose of the leftover stuff is to simply put it back into the water where it came from.

There are three different ways you can design your Killer Dock table top to drain,” Williamson said. One below the dock draining (through the legs or pipe). Two, slotted table (through the slots on the back of the table) or three, drain inserts on the table with adaptors ready for 1 1/2” PVC for you to build to suit your situation.”


Flexibility and Adjustability 

One of the biggest advantages of the Killer Dock system of fish cleaning stations is the total adjustability of the system. These great cleaning stations can be constructed to fit nearly every possible surface and location.

In combination with the two different base types, this gives you many different combinations to choose from to fit exactly what you need. Do you want to mount on the edge to take up the least amount of space? The Killer Dock Upscale can take up as little as 8” of dock space. Or do you need to mount the station perpendicular to the water—but don’t want to spill fish guts all over your property? We have the right combination for you,” Williamson said.  “The favorite of many at Killer Dock is the combination of the Flat base with Below dock draining — which allows you to install in the middle of your dock, but still drains down through the dock without creating a huge mess everywhere.”


Fish Cleaning Sink Station

A sink is a very important element of any efficient cleaning station. However, not all sinks are made and designed the same.


fish cleaning station

The wide, clean, sanitary surface makes fish cleaning a pleasant operation.


“All Killer Dock models can be designed with a 12”x18”x8” sink. And, all come equipped with a flush fit lid, so that you can still utilize the full area of the King Starboard cutting surface. This can be used as a place to put your filets — in bags, on ice, or in a saltwater slush,” Williamson noted.


KillerDock- Made With Better Materials

The actual cleaning surface is crucial for efficient and healthy operations. An old, nasty wooden deck surface on which every gull in the Gulf has left its calling card is not a really good place to clean fish.

Williamson says that there are a few different types of materials someone can use for a cleaning surface. 

“Some use stainless steel (will eventually rust), or granite (very heavy, and will dull your knives), or wood (impossible to clean, and will rot). KillerDock uses King Starboard® which is a high density polyethylene that is UV stable, chemically resistant, easy to clean, and won’t dull your knife. Many years later, if you want to replace it, KillerDock can send you a brand new one,” Williamson pointed out


The Cleaning Station Material – Important Stuff

The actual structure of a good fish cleaning station is one of the most important elements. The support structure needs to be strong, solid, and weather-resistant, but it doesn’t need to be huge and bulky to take up important deck space.

“Aluminum is about one third of the weight of stainless steel. This is very important when considering what to attach to a wooden dock, because the heavier it is, the more stresses it can bring to the wooden construction, “Williamson said.  “Both stainless steel and aluminum are highly resistant to corrosion. Copper, chromium, silicon, and magnesium can be found in both stainless and aluminum, but stainless steel has carbon which means it will eventually rust. Aluminum can’t rust. It can oxidize, but our high-end ceramic coating bonds to the aluminum (not just on the surface) and protects it from oxidizing in the environment. Stainless steel is a good thermal conductor but aluminum is much better, as it takes twice as much energy to raise the temperature of aluminum as it does steel. It will disperse its heat faster than steel and therefore cool down faster. This is very important when considering that the fish cleaning station may be out in the hot sun much of the year, and you’ll need to touch it while using it.”


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