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KillerDock Launches Fish Cleaning Table With Sink

KillerDock has been building some world-class efficient and dependable fish cleaning stations using top-of-the-line materials and quality construction to make long-term fish cleaning and preparation possible for anglers. The ceramic-coated aluminum frame and solid, strong work surfaces of KillerDock cleaning stations have given great service to anglers with few if any problems. So why would they decide to make a change and start making a fish cleaning table with a sink?


Why Add a Sink?

Aaron Williamson, vice-president of marketing at KillerDock provided an answer.



“People asked for sinks as a feature of their cleaning stations.  These were folks who had used sinks in their fish cleaning previously, and having a sink was just part of their cleaning fish,” Williamson said.


fish cleaning station

KillerDock tables with sinks can be applied to most dock surfaces.


“With a built-in sink as part of the cleaning station, people can wash their hands and knives as they work,” he explained.  “Another benefit of a sink is folks can keep their cleaned fillets on ice in the sink while they’re cleaning up after processing the fish. In short, there are several reasons folks wanted sinks installed in their KillerDock tables.” 



How Are The KillerDock Sinks Made?

Williamson pointed out that the KillerDock cleaning station sinks are not cheap, plastic “drop-in” units. The system is famous for its strength and quality of build, and the fillet tables with sinks are no exception. 

“Our sinks are hand-built welded marine-grade aluminum sinks with the same clear ceramic coating we use on all of our KillerDock stations which provides lots of use and long-life,” he said.


fish cleaning table with sink

Flush mount sink tops provide flat work surface.


The KillerDock sinks are rounded rectangles 12 inches wide, 18 inches long, and 8 inches deep which provides plenty of working space and also a good cold-storage unit for several beverages after the cleaning is done.


Who Would Find Value in a Built-in Sink?

Although most anglers would find a fish cleaning sink built into a KillerDock station a big benefit, Williamson says that most of the folks who order the sinks as part of their station are those long-term anglers who have cleaned lots of fish and who have a procedure in mind to make their fish cleaning more efficient. 

“It’s a personal preference.  Anyone who has used a sink in their cleaning routine will want a built-in sink in their KillerDock system. You can choose left or right cleaning top placement for the sinks- this can be important if the fish cleaner is right-handed or left-handed and can make fish cleaning more efficient and pleasant.”


fish cleaning table with sink

A sink with hose attachment close by makes clean up very quick and easy.


While KillerDock fish cleaning stations are designed and built to make fish processing more efficient, the tables are quite attractive and fit right in for entertaining purposes, too.

When guests are being entertained on the dock, the sink built into a KillerDock station can provide a place to keep drinks cold on ice.

These sinks are versatile and effective additions to the cleaning station and the entire dock area.


Features of the KillerDock Fish Cleaning Station With Sink

The sinks for KillerDock fish cleaning stations are strong, long lasting, and very efficient, but anglers might be concerned about that lost flat work surface which the sink takes up.  

“Our sinks all have a flush lid, so folks still get full surface use.  When we showed that the sinks don’t cost any workspace, that’s when folks really started to order the sinks as part of their KillerDock stations. You don’t lose any working space.  In fact, thirty to forty percent of our ordered stations have sinks built-in,” Williamson said.


fish cleaning table with sink

KillerDock sinks provide lots of space for work.


 “All of our units have hose stations built into the unit, so sinks will be right next to the hose for easy drainage and clean up.  The sink drain can be routed from the sink into the water below or off to some other location,” he said.


The Biggest Reason for a Built in Sink?

“Being able to use the table for more potential uses and there are just more options to do other things and get more use from the unit,” Williamson advised.

Having a KillerDock fish cleaning table with a sink is a whole lot more than just having a great place to clean a mess of fish.  This unit can be a major part of pleasurable entertaining and can make the outdoor life a great deal more pleasant- while still being a comfortable place to process a mess of great-tasting fish.


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