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The Best Fly Fishing Gifts for Southern Anglers

For those passionate about the art of fly fishing in the warm, picturesque waters of the American South, finding the perfect gift can be a true angler’s delight. Whether it’s the pursuit of bass in the bayous, chasing redfish in the Gulf, or casting for trout in the pristine mountain streams, Southern anglers have their own unique needs and preferences. We’ve curated a selection of must-have gear, gadgets, and accessories that will elevate their fishing experiences and make them the envy of their fellow anglers. Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned pro or a budding fly fisher, our recommendations are sure to hook you into the perfect fly fishing gifts for the Southern angler in your life.

Orvis Sling Pack

Orvis Sling Pack fly fishing gifts

This pack is a great alternative to the traditional vest, with room for all of your tackle plus a bottle of water and a lunch. Tailor made for fly anglers, this pack features well-thought-out features such as an integrated tippet bar, nipper pocket, fly drying patch, and forceps slot. This is a perfect addition to your fly fishing gifts list.

Shop at Amazon: Orvis Sling Pack

Shop at Orvis: Sling Pack

Fly Fishing For Redeye Bass: An Adventure Across Southern Waters

Fly Fishing For Redeye Bass: An Adventure Across Southern Waters

Trout are a long way away from many deep-south fly anglers. Luckily, there is a little known group of black bass that thrive in the scenic “trout waters” throughout the southeast. If you’re ready for topwater blowups on scenic mountain streams, pick up a copy of this book. Written by Auburn geneticist and Native Fish Coalition Vice Chair Matthew Lewis, This book is the ultimate guide to redeye bass fishing.


Shop at Amazon: Fly Fishing for Redeye Bass

Tenkara USA Rhodo

Tenkara USA Rhodo

I’ve owned a lot of fishing rods, but it’s quite possible that the Rhodo is my favorite. Its collapsible design means that you can take it anywhere, even into remote backcountry. It’s a blast to catch sunfish and redeye bass on, but it’s got enough backbone to handle the occasional largemouth or spot as well. It’s an awesome truck or spare rod, as well as a great tool to teach younger anglers the art of fly fishing.

Shop at Tenkara USA: Rhodo Tenkara Rod

Loon Outdoors Core Fly Tying Kit

Loon Outdoors Core Fly Tying Kit

Catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself is extremely rewarding, but getting started tying can be intimidating and expensive. Luckily, Loon Outdoors has assembled a kit that includes some well made essentials marketed at an affordable price. This is the perfect gift to give new tiers, or experienced ones who are looking to upgrade their toolkit.

Shop at Amazon: Loon Outdoors Core Fly Tying Kit

Calico Fly Fishing Coosa Rod

Calico Fly Fishing Coosa Rod

A 9’, 5wt rod is a classic “do-all” fly rod. This fast-taper, high-modulus graphite rod with double-locking reel seat and half wells grip doesn’t just catch fish…it also benefits conservation efforts. 10% of profits from the Coosa 5wt and 6wt sales go directly to Coosa Riverkeeper, helping to keep one of Alabama’s most beautiful and biodiverse rivers clean for future generations.


Shop at Calico Fly Fishing: Coosa Fly Rod

Daiwa One-Touch Landing Net

Daiwa One-Touch Landing Net fly fishing gifts

Landing nets are awesome when you’re using them, but a hassle when you aren’t. This folding option by Daiwa is there when you need it, and out of the way when you aren’t. Simply pull it out of its pouch to use it, and fold it back up with a twist when you’re done.

Shop at Amazon: Daiwa One-Touch Landing Net

DeLorme Atlas And Gazetteer

DeLorme Atlas And Gazetteer

“Blue-lining,” or fishing small, unnamed creeks and streams, is a great way to find unpressured, scenic fly fishing waters. While there are many good scouting and mapping apps available on your smartphone, there’s no substitute for a good-quality map when you’re exploring back roads. DeLorme maps are the standard, and combine good detail and accuracy with helpful additional information such as boat ramp and park locations.

Shop at Amazon: DeLorme Atlas And Gazetteer

Loon Outdoors Line Up Fly Cleaning Kit

Loon Outdoors Line Up Fly Cleaning Kit fly fishing gifts

Keeping your fly line clean will improve its performance and longevity. This kit from Loon Outdoors makes it simple to keep your fly lines in tip-top working condition.

Shop at Amazon: Loon Outdoors Line Up Fly Line Cleaning Kit

Dr. Slick Clamps

Dr. Slick Clamps fly fishing gifts

This tool combines two essential accessories: hemostats and line nippers, into one. The scissors work awesome for snipping tippet, and the hemostats are strong but small enough to easily fit into the mouths of fish to retrieve deep-hooked flies. As a bonus, you also get a hook eye cleaner and a flathead screwdriver. If only they incorporated a bottle opener as well…

Shop at Amazon: Dr. Slick Scissor Clamps

Korkers Dark Horse Wading Boots

Korkers Dark Horse Wading Boots fly fishing gifts

Felt soles are awesome once you’re in a rocky river, but treacherous on the bank. Korkers solves this problem with their clever footwear that allows you to swap outsoles on-the-fly. Wear rubber on the trail, and felt or studded soles once you’re wading. Their Dark Horse model combines this feature with BOA laces, allowing you to quickly and easily snug-up your boots or take them off with the press of a button.

Shop at Amazon: Korkers Darkhorse Wading Boots

Guided Fishing Trip

Guided Fishing Trip

A guide can do more than just put you on fish for a day. They can also teach you a lot about local river conditions and characteristics, let you try new gear, and teach you casting and fishing techniques. In Alabama, East Alabama Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Alabama, Riverside Fly Shop, and Calico Fly Fishing are just a few services that can provide you with an awesome day of fishing and camaraderie on some of the most beautiful and biodiverse waterways in the country.

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