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More Money and Better Wildlife with Uneven Aged Forest Management

This is Huntin’ Land, the podcast for landowners and land hunters; with how-to’s for habitat management and land investment. If you own, manage, or dream of owning land, this is the podcast for you. On this week’s episode, we talk to Damon Wilkinson, owner of Professional Forestry Services in Mobile, Alabama since 2008. The focus of this show is the importance of forest management plans and services, the importance and forests to the environment, forestry and wildlife management, and timber management plans and services.

Topics Discussed Regarding Timber and Forest Management Plans and Services

– What constitutes a “small” forest from a timber management perspective?

– What is even aged forest management and how does uneven aged management differ?

– Is it the most popular forest management system? If so, why is that?


– What are the cons of the even aged management system for a small family forest?

– site prep

– one major harvest in a lifetime

– forestry and wildlife habitat management

– pulpwood glut or market timing

– anything else?


– What are the pros of the uneven aged forest management system for a small family forest?

– reduced costs in re-establishing a forest

– what site prep is needed?

– what reestablishment is needed? will we experience complete natural re-seeding or can we expect to bring in saplings in the beginning? What about converting to longleaf uneven aged from say loblolly, is this possible?

Increased Income From Forest Management

– more frequent income over uneven aged – what kind of continuing income stream can we expect?

– higher net income over even aged – What kind of long term net income can we expect? (if we can break this down to a per year per acre estimate let’s do it)

– are we only cutting sawtimber or will we still cut out pulpwood, poles, etc.?

– It seems like with more frequent harvests, you’d be more apt to take advantage of timing the timber market. Is this an accurate assumption?

Importance of Forest to Environment

– benefits to ecology

– benefits to wildlife

– benefits to soil health

Any cons to the system?

Forest Management Plans

Can you convert existing plantations?

– talk about what that looks like

Can you convert unmanaged forests?

– what does that look like

Landowner property goals

– possibilities

– recommendations

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