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Are you interested in getting started to manage your land? 

I’ve trapped as a hobby for many years using dog-proof coon traps and live traps but I had little experience with leg-hold traps and their proper implementation. A few years ago, a professional trapper agreed to trap on my lease for a week during February. After seeing the results of a proper trapping program on the turkey hatch that year, I was sold on the idea of continuing this part of land management. However, trappers are hard to find and sometimes expensive so I was left with one choice — do it myself.

My research into the proper equipment led me to Dakota Line Premium Trapping Products and their Complete Land Management Predator Trapping Package. This kit offered everything I needed at a reasonable price. Not only (6) #1.75 Bridger Jaw Traps but tools such as a dirt sifter, narrow blade trowel, trap line hammer, cable stakes, J-hooks and a variety of lures and scents.

a Dakota Line trap used for land management

Everything including pan covers, support wires, and even two instructional DVDs were included.  Purchased separately, the package would cost $230. The entire kit was priced at only $189.95.

Again, my inexperience with leg-hold traps was a challenge so I participated in a free trapping class offered by the Alabama Dept. of Conservation. During that class, I gained the friendship of a man who agreed to help continue my education. After many texts and phone conversations in which he answered questions and coached me, I was ready to try it.


The equipment, lures, tools, etc. I had purchased were made with quality and performed perfectly. If you are a beginner like me, this kit is a good investment.

Trapping takes commitment. You must check your traps every day so plan to trap during a vacation or during a time when you can spare the time each day to check your line. Once you learn the tricks and tips, anyone can be successful at trapping with the right equipment.

trapping for land management

There are free classes and seminars throughout the south offered by trapping associations and conservation groups. Children can enjoy these classes too and they are encouraged to attend. In fact, some classes are for kids only. Find your local trapper’s association or contact the Conservation Department in your state and plan now to attend.

You can find a complete list of all the equipment included in the Complete Land Management Predator Trapping Package at



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