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Using Liquid Fertilizer for Food Plots can be faster, easier, and cheaper than standard granular Fertilizer

Every hunter knows that to find deer and turkeys you must find their food. To gain an advantage, the practice of planting food sources has become a weapon in just about every outdoorsman’s arsenal. Every year, countless hunters spend significant sums of money on granular fertilizer, but there is a new game in town.

Liquid fertilizers are used by golf courses, athletic complexes, and lawn professionals, to name a few. Alabama Liquid Fertilizer and supply, based in Elba, sells various liquid fertilizers to meet the diverse needs of sportsmen. Great Days Outdoors recently caught up with the owner, Chris Grantham, and asked him how liquid fertilizer is changing the game.

“We combined the knowledge of foliar feed fertilizer by the people who developed Clark’s Plot Nutrients with our knowledge of deer and turkey nutritional requirements to produce an exceptional product,” explained Chris. “Through extensive testing, we have proven that using liquid fertilizer on food plots makes them more palatable to wildlife, easier to maintain, and saves you money.”



Using Liquid Fertilizer for Food Plots Attracts Game


“Using our liquid fertilizer for food plots works at attracting game in two ways,” Grantham revealed. “One, it makes the food plot taste better, which makes the deer and turkeys want to eat it more. Second, it works like a mineral lick. Many hunters put out mineral licks for their deer and know that the deer come to them. Our product is specifically designed to provide not only fertilizer to the plots but also calcium for the deer and turkey. Our fertilizer has one percent dietary calcium, which turns the food plot into a calcium source. Once the deer and turkeys realize they are getting the calcium they need, they keep coming back to it. Calcium is essential for growing bigger racks on deer and also helps turkeys to lay stronger eggs.”


Using Liquid Fertilizer for food plots attracts game

Photo courtesy of Alabama Liquid Fertilizer.


Using Liquid Fertilizer For Food Plots is More Efficient



Many people think that plants only absorb nutrients through their roots, but leaves, soft woody tissues, stems, buds, blossoms, and fruit can also take in nutrients. Plants absorb liquids much faster and more efficiently through their leaves than granular solids coming up from the roots. Therefore, a liquid fertilizer starts working much faster. If a higher percentage of the fertilizer is utilized, you will use less of it, thus saving you money.

“Our liquid fertilizer is more efficient than granular fertilizers because it is not soil and pH-dependent,” Grantham stated. “It goes directly into the plant instead of going through the soil to get into the plants through the roots. Within an hour of spraying, the plants absorb 80 to 90 percent of the liquid fertilizer already. With the fast absorption, the fertilizer won’t wash away in a heavy rain like granular fertilizer or become less effective by lying on the ground for days until it rains.”


Using Liquid Fertilizer for Food Plots saves Money


For the best results, Grantham recommends using his liquid fertilizer for food plots that have grown just a few inches tall. Use the liquid fertilizer at the rate of about two gallons per acre mixed with water. This should cost about $36 per acre, compared to about $60 to $90 per acre for using a granular fertilizer.

Alabama Liquid Fertilizer sells liquid fertilizer for Food Plots

“The fertilizer to water ratio is dependent upon the sprayer,” Grantham said. “People can find out more information about their sprayer by checking the manufacturer’s website.”

Liquid fertilizer for food plots is easier to use, better for the animals, more effective and cheaper. All of these reasons make it a must buy for anyone managing a food plot. For more information on how to buy Alabama Liquid Fertilizer and Supply Inc. products, call Chris Grantham at 334-233-2687 or send him an email at

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