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This is Huntin’ Land, the podcast for landowners and land hunters; with how-to’s for habitat management and land investment. If you own, manage, or dream of owning land, this is the podcast for you. On this episode, we’re talking with Dr. Grant Woods and getting some no till food plot tips. Grant is a wildlife biologist specializing in researching and managing whitetail deer. His work on “the Proving Grounds” is widely documented on his weekly web show Growing Deer TV. If you are breaking ground each year, you owe it to the wildlife, the environment, and your wallet to listen to this show. 



No Till Food Plot Tips with Dr. Grant Woods from Growing Deer TV


No Till Food Plots – Why?

What does breaking the soil do that is harmful?

What are the benefits?

What are some no till food plot tips for improving overall soil health?

How does no till reduce the need for inputs?

How does the no till improve resistance to drought?


How does the no till food plot decrease soil temperature and why is that important?

Are there any drawbacks to this method?

What can we expect from our no till food plot in the first year?

What methods should we use for removing existing vegetation?

Is there ever a scenario where breaking the ground is appropriate?

Should we drill or broadcast seed?

No till food plot tips for those without specialized equipment?

At what point will the food plotter need to step up into some specialized equipment, need meaning the time and energy savings will outweigh the cost of the equipment? 

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No till food plot tips with dr grant woods from growing deer tv hunting podcast


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