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Wildlife Management

Using the Right Game Bird Feed

It takes very little land to feed a lot of game birds as long as you’re using the right game bird feed.   As wildlife managers, we do a lot to help attract and grow healthier deer, but...

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Making a Deer Mineral Site

The better you know the whitetail’s age-related feeding habits, the more effective it will be for your deer mineral site.   A very simple but favorite management chore of mine in the spring is...

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Planting a Soybean Food Plot

Good Planning Can Make the Most of Your Soybean Food Plot   Another deer season has come and gone. However, for a whitetail manager, the work for next season is just beginning. By this time,...

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Tips for Turkey Food Plots

Take the time to prepare your turkey food plots   At this time of year, the questions usually start pouring in on how to attract turkeys for the upcoming spring season. Most people don’t like...

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Q & A: All About Ticks

Everyone who ventures outdoors should be aware of ticks and the diseases they carry   EDITOR’S NOTE: Great Days Outdoors magazine asked Emily Merritt to provide some information on ticks....

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