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Wildlife Management

Alabama’s Golden Eagle

Tracking devices help monitor Alabama’s eagle population. One of the best-known birds of prey in North America, the golden eagle is revered by many Native American tribes for its beauty, courage,...

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Fall Expectations

Proper planning and timing increases the chance of a successful planting season. Early fall planting for the hunting season is one of my favorite times of the year. The occasional cool morning and...

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Soybeans and Soil Samples

Good Planning Can Make the Most of Your Food Plot Another deer season has come and gone. However, for a whitetail manager, the work for next season is just beginning. By this time, you should be...

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Managing Predators

Trimming Predator Populations Helps Other Game and Birds With all the time and effort that we as wildlife managers put into conserving and protecting the game animals we love to hunt, we hate to see...

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Home Improvement for Wildlife

More to Managing Wildlife Than Planting a Few Food Plots In the Fall Managing a property for wildlife is not a part-time proposition. It requires some attention to certain aspects all year long....

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