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Must Have Turkey Hunting Gear List 2023

As turkey season approaches, it’s time for hunters to start preparing. If you are an avid turkey hunter, you should be taking stock of what you have, what you need to replace, what you need to upgrade, or just cool turkey hunting accessories you may have never considered. If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure where to begin…we’ve got you covered. From guns and ammo to clothes and boots, turkey hunting calls and decoys to seats and blinds. If you are in the market for turkey hunting stuff, we have put together a must have turkey hunting gear list for 2023, to help the old and new hunter alike.

Turkey Hunting Guns & Ammo

Benelli M2 Turkey Performance Shop 20 Gauge

Benelli M2

The shotgun may be the most important piece of turkey hunting gear. The Benelli Performance Shop Turkey Edition shotguns are custom built turkey hunting guns with Performance Shop enhancements by Rob Roberts, world renowned for shot pattern development. Each gun comes fitted with a Burris® FastFire II™, which is then pattern tested with Federal Premium Ammunition. Computer printouts are provided to show actual points-of-impact in 10-, 20-, and 30-inch circles. Benelli Turkey Edition shotguns are also fitted with a ComforTech® stock to reduce felt recoil by 48%, aid fast follow-up shots, and diminish flinches when shooting heavy loads.

Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS 20 Gauge 3in #7 1-1/2oz Turkey Shotshells

Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS 20 Gauge

When you need turkey hunting ammo, the premium choice these days is TSS.  Federal Premium Heavyweight Tungsten Super Shot payloads provide the highest pellet counts possible. The tungsten-alloy material’s 18 gm/cc density is 22 percent higher than standard tungsten and 56 percent more than lead. This results in the most energy and highest velocities at extreme range. Its rear-braking FLITECONTROL FLEX® wad performs flawlessly through ported and standard turkey chokes for the most consistent, deadly patterns possible.

Broadheads For Turkey Hunting

Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead

Rage Xtreme Turkey Broadhead

Rage has designed a broadhead specifically for people that enjoy the challenge of bow hunting turkey. It eliminates the problem of a flopping-then-fleeing gobbler following an otherwise fast and deadly pass-through. The Rage Turkey X-treme turkey hunting broadheads feature a cut-on-contact tip with a pair of massive “Meat Hooks” to inflict maximum lethal damage, all while slowing the arrow enough to anchor the bird. This Turkey X-treme Broadhead combines a gigantic 2 1/8-inch-cutting-diameter, two-blade Slip-Cam broadhead with the “Meat-Hook” Tip to stop a turkey dead in its tracks.

Turkey Chokes

Beretta Benelli Mobil Carlson’s TSS Turkey Choke Tubes

Carlson’s TSS turkey chokes are optimized for Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS Turkey Load but also work exceptionally well with other manufacturer’s turkey ammunition (Smaller shot size 7-9). The Federal Premium’s Heavyweight TSS Turkey Load has an incredibly high pellet count in both 7 and 9 shot, along with the ability to carry energy further, making them ideal for .410, 20ga, and 12ga. Working so well with the Heavyweight TSS Turkey ammo to generate an even tighter spread pattern makes this one of the best chokes for turkey hunting you can find. Long-range turkeys don’t stand a chance with this turkey hunting gear.

Turkey Hunting Optics

Vortex Venom 1x Red Dot – 6 MOA

Vortex Venom 1x Red Dot - 6 MOA

A red dot for turkey hunting may not be your first thought but adding to your sight picture, especially at those longer ranges, could be the difference in taking down a gobbler and missing completely. The Vortex Venom 1x Red Dot is a great addition to your turkey hunting shotgun. The low-profile, yet rugged aluminum housing surrounds a large viewing window that makes for a wide field of view and sight picture with next-to-no obstruction for rapid shooting transitions and target acquisition. With a battery life of up to 150 hours on the highest setting and up to 30,000 hours on the lower setting, you’ll be bagging turkeys for many hunts to come. Definitely a great piece of turkey hunting gear.

Leica 7x24mm CRF 2400-R Laser Rangefinder

Leica 7x24mm CRF 2400-R Laser Rangefinder

A rangefinder is a good piece of turkey hunting gear investment. Leica CRF Rangemasters have been an essential aid for field sportsmen for many years now. They combine high-quality optics with durable mechanics and complex electronics in an extremely compact design. This model is perfect because it has 7X magnification, which means you only need to carry a rangefinder while turkey hunting and can leave the binoculars at home.

Clothes, Boots, & Gloves

Nomad Men’s Camo Turkey Hunting Hats

The Nomad Woven Patch Cap is made with stretchy moisture wicking, antimicrobial, breathable fabric providing all the performance your head will need.

LaCrosse Men’s Grange Soft Toe Rubber Boots

waterproof turkey hunting boots

You can’t always be certain about the conditions you’ll be walking in so a great pair of waterproof turkey hunting boots are worth the investment. You may, also, want to hunt turkey in the rain and you don’t want to be walking around with wet feet. The LaCrosse Men’s Grange soft toe rubber boots are naturally waterproof, remain durable year after year, have a customizable strap for a secure fit around your calf, and fit securely and comfortably around your ankles, while gripping the top of your foot and locking your heel in place. These boots are unisulated so they are great for colder or warmer mornings where you are walking a lot.

Danner Men’s Vital Uninsulated Waterproof Snakeboots

snakeproof hunting boots

As you trek through the woods, you may not always be aware of what’s hiding in the grass. Let’s face it, you never want to suffer a snakebite…especially, not alone in the woods. That’s where a pair turkey hunting boots that offer snake bite protection come in handy. Not only do the Danner Vital Snake Boot use a flexible snake protection fabric in between the liner and exterior of the boot to give you complete snake protection from the bottom of your foot to the top of the boot, but they also have a 100% waterproof barrier that allows moisture to escape without letting water in, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long. The polyurethane footbed provides superior shock absorption with an additional layer of open cell construction for improved air circulation and the multi-directional lugs provide grip on moss, rock and slick surfaces. These aren’t just good turkey hunting boots; they’re great, all around hiking boots.

Nomad Men’s Camo Fingerless Hunting Gloves

Nomad Men's Camo Fingerless Hunting Gloves

Designed by hunters for hunters, these lightweight moisture wicking turkey hunting gloves offer full concealment while maintaining the touch and dexterity needed for calling Or texting your buddy pics of you’re gobbler). The palms are gusseted, giving you maximum grip, and the lightweight moisture wicking material keep your hands warm and dry without making it difficult to use them.

NOMAD Waterproof Poncho, Mossy Oak Shadowleaf


Your turkey hunting gear wasn’t built to sit on the shelf and collect dust. It was built to kill turkeys. Stay in the field and keep all of it dry and protected no matter what the weather does with the Nomad Poncho. Built with 100% waterproof lightweight fabric, this poncho features a waterproof 1/4 zip, adjustable hood, side snaps, and packs down to the size of a water bottle in its own pouch.

NOMAD Stretch-Lite Turkey Hunting Pants

turkey hunting pants

The NOMAD Stretch-Lite turkey hunting pants were engineered to be lightweight, quick-drying, and able to stretch. The water, stain, and abrasion resistant exterior, combined with the 4 way stretch moisture wicking interior, make theme perfect for warm weather hunting situations. Other features included: mesh pocket bags, zippered back and thigh pockets, a gusseted crotch, articulated knees, woven reinforced buttons. Coupled with anatomical shaping, these features add to an overall great fit, maximum comfort, and peak performance.

Nomad Stretch Lite Long Sleeve Shirt


High-quality turkey hunting shirts are a worthwhile investment. The NOMAD Stretch-Lite long sleeve is lightweight, quick-drying, and made of 4-way stretch material. Perfect for warm weather hunting situations, when you need full turkey hunting camo but don’t want anything too bulky. The perforated back and undersleeves help keep you cool when on those warmer days.

Turkey Hunting Socks

turkey hunting socks

You’re going to need a good pair of socks to go with your turkey hunting boots. You should match the height of your socks with your boots, to avoid chaffing on your ankles and calves. Durability and thickness are things to look for, as well. You need socks that will both keep your feet warm and hold up to all the riggers of all the walking you will be doing. Darn Tough offers a wide variety of durable turkey hunting socks that fit great and protect your entire foot and leg for maximum warmth. Adding nice socks to your turkey hunting clothes selection is a must.

Vests, Masks, & Camo

ALPS OutdoorZ Impact Turkey Hunting Vest With Seat

ALPS OutdoorZ Impact Turkey Vest

The thing I love about this vest is the ability to sit anywhere and it’s light weight. You don’t need the perfect tree, heck, you don’t need a tree at all. Carry a variety of calls, thanks to the numerous pockets available, as well as extra shotgun ammo.  A removable front pocket features a shoulder strap for run n’ gun style hunts and the seat conveniently folds away or completely detaches when not in use. The Impact Vest also includes a game bag on the back of the vest which features a pocket inside for decoy stakes. The popular camo patterns blend seamlessly into your surroundings. This turkey hunting vest with a seat provides hunters with all the convenience of a metal-frame vest while remaining lightweight and versatile.

NOMAD Leafy Pant

NOMAD leafy pants

If you like 3 dimensions in your camouflage, consider the NOMAD Leafy Pant as the bottoms for your turkey hunting ghillie suit. They took their light weight moisture wicking, quick drying, antimicrobial, 2 way stretch, performance cooling fabric and added 3D leafy technology to it to make it deadly effective in the turkey woods. The pants features an auto adjust waistband, zippered fly, and button waist to give you added storage and comfort while being virtually invisible.

NOMAD Leafy 1/4 Zip

turkey hunting gear - leafy top

To complete your warmer weather, less bulky, turkey hunting ghillie suit; pair the NOMAD Leafy 1/4 Zip pullover with the NOMAD Leafy pants. The top also features their light weight moisture wicking, quick drying, antimicrobial, 4 way stretch, performance cooling fabric with added 3D leafy technology. With an adjustable hood, 1/4 zip opening, and a zippered dump pouch, it wears like a T-shirt while making you virtually invisible.

NOMAD Loose Gaiter Turkey Hunting Facemask

turkey hunitng gear - mask

The NOMAD Loose Gaiter turkey hunting mask offers full concealment while maintaining comfort and breathability. Hunters can achieve a custom fit with the drawcord top, ensuring the mask isn’t too tight on their face making running a mouth call no issue.

Turkey Hunting Blinds & Seats

Barronett Ox 5 Ground Blind

ground blind

The Barronett Ox 5 hub blind from Barronett Blinds features OxHide fabric, a unique 2-layer bonded fabric unlike anything ever used on a portable ground blind. OxHide maximizes concealment on the exterior with a soft, no-shine, and color rich camouflage layer permanently bonded to an ultra-durable, waterproof, woven polyester interior layer, creating ultimate durability. In addition, the dark interior fabric creates a dull black backdrop to conceal movement that will never scratch, crack, or flake off. The silent slide window system opens horizontally across three sides from the center, and can silently slide to any desired width or height. The Ox 5 is a five-sided blind that has a deceptively large interior, giving the hunter a panoramic view and enough room to stay far away from window openings to conceal movement.

Nukem Grab and Go Hunting Blinds

Nukem Grab and Go Hunting Blind

Nukem Grab and Go turkey hunting blinds are perfect for the run and gun hunter. The compact construction allows hunters to move silently through the woods with a one pole breakdown for quick location change at a moment’s notice. The stake free, adjustable height and easy folding design eliminates the headache associated with conventional ground blinds and gives hunters the ability to set up virtually anywhere and breakdown and move in seconds. Weighing only 3 pounds there is always room in the pack.

ALPS Outdoors Browning Strutter Chair

ALPS Outdoors Browning Strutter Chair

When it comes to turkey hunting chairs and turkey hunting seats, the Alps OutdoorZ Browning® Strutter Chair allows hunters to comfortably sit low to the ground while waiting for turkeys or other game. The portable chair easily folds up for convenient storing and carrying. With the four feet on the bottom, hunters will always have a stable seat. For added comfort, the Strutter features a backrest, padded armrests, and mesh material. Definitely a great piece of turkey hunting gear.

Turkey Hunting Calls & Decoys

Dave Smith Decoys – Turkey Hunting Decoys

turkey hunting gear decoy

Turkey hunting decoys can be valuable tools in a hunter’s arsenal. Dave Smith Decoys offers both Jakes and hens. These decoys hold their rugged shape and are built to take a beating. The accidental shotgun blast or broadhead through the body are withstood with only minimal damage. Pair this strutter with a flock of hens and you can sit back just watch a gobbler make a dead run across a field to attack the decoy. Just have your shotgun ready.

Primos Turkey Calling Starter Kit

turkey hunting calls

This turkey hunting calls pack has everything you need to get started with calling turkeys. The Turkey Starter Pak includes a Sonic Dome Mouth Call, Sonic Dome Slate Call, Slim Striker and a double sided box call. This pack is excellent for beginners.


Hooyman Ratchet Bush Pruner

Hooyman Ratchet Bush Pruner

When you are filling out your turkey hunting pack, there are several items that are often overlooked but you will thank yourself for remembering to bring along. A good pair of pruning shears are perfect for clearing a path through the brush. The Hooyman Ratchet Pruner offers razor-sharp SK5 steel blades and superior torque and cutting ability. These pruners are built to last and withstand abuse season after season, year after year. The ratchet design compounds force with a series of easy squeezes for maximum cutting power with minimal effort. Cut quicker and hunt longer.

Outdoor Edge RazorMax 3.5 inch Fixed Blade Knife

hunting knife

A quality knife is absolutely on the turkey hunting gear list. The Outdoor Edge RazorMax 3.5 inch fixed blade knife combines the strength and performance of a fixed blade knife with the patented RazorSafe™ replaceable blade system. Two unique blade styles allow you to switch from 3.5 inch drop-point to 5.0 inch boning/fillet blade for one knife to field dress, and process game into perfect cuts for the table. The rubberized TPR handle is ergonomically shaped for a positive, nonslip grip, and prevents fatigue during long periods of use. It comes complete with six blades and polymer/nylon belt sheath with detachable blade carrier and storage box.

ThermaCell MR450 Mosquito Repeller

ThermaCell MR450 Mosquito Repeller

If you want to cut down on covering yourself with insect repellant, the ThermaCell MR450 Mosquito Repeller is an cool gadget that would work great for turkey hunters. The Thermacell MR450 creates a 15ft x 15ft zone of protection in minutes that lasts for hours, so you can create a mosquito free zone around your turkey hunting seat or blind. The grill design maximizes air flow, prevents oil build up and can be run in the near-vertical position. Overmolded rubber grips on the side provide sure handling no matter the weather, rubber contact points on the back ensure a quiet placement. The MR450 has a Zone Indicator, LED will illuminate when the unit is up to temperature and emitting the Zone of Protection.

Sawyer Permethrin Pump Clothing and Gear Insect Repellent

turkey hunting gear tick repellent

You want to be sure to  protect yourself from insects like ticks and chiggers. Sawyer Permethrin clothing and gear repellent offers superior protection from disease-carrying biting insects. The active ingredient, Permethrin, not only repels insects, but will actually kill them on contact. Sawyer Permethrin insect repellents are for use with clothing, tents, blinds, and other gear. A single application lasts 6 washings. Permethrin is odorless when dry, and during the drying process, it tightly bonds with the fibers of the treated garment. It will not stain or damage clothing, fabrics, plastics, finished surfaces, or any of your outdoor gear. Comes with a trigger sprayer for large jobs.

Biolite HeadLamp 750

biolite headlamp 750

A headlamp may not be though of as turkey hunting supplies, but you will be glad you have a good one when you need it. The Biolite HeadLamp 750 offers powerful lumens and rich features in an ultra-compact space. This pro-line model puts you in complete control of your illumination thanks to Constant Mode, Run Forever pass-thru charging, and 8 different lighting modes that enable you to see and be seen on your next adventure. And with BioLite’s proprietary 3D SlimFit construction, you’ll wear major functionality with maximum comfort.

RapidPure 25oz Intrepid Water Bottle

RapidPure 25oz Intrepid Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is always necessary, especially out on a hunt. You may not think about it, but a good water bottle needs to be included with the rest of your turkey hunting stuff. The RapidPure 25oz Intrepid Water Bottle gives you the power to filter and purify water against all bacteria, parasites, and viruses in a durable bottle that’s safe, fast, and easy to use. This 25 oz. purifying water bottle with filter features a flip top lid and ergonomic design. Unlike microfilters that rely on pore size to simply filter out bacteria and sediment, RapidPure water treatment actually purifies water using electroadsorption, removing bacteria, parasites, viruses, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and microplastics, as well as filtering out sediment. With no pumping, squeezing, priming, or batteries, the ultra-fast water filter is a great water purifier for turkey hunting.

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