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How to Improve Older Waterfront Home Construction

Having a home which gives access to fishing, boating, and just sitting comfortably in the evening watching the day close down over the water is something many of us wish we could obtain. But repairing and renovating an existing waterfront Mobile, AL home requires time, talent, and quite a bit of patience. It’s easy to make very expensive mistakes when making waterfront home construction and improvements on a remodel project, but it can be done, and the results can be very pleasing.

Jay and Jamie Ison both work in Mobile, AL and they have a remodeled home located on the western shore of Mobile Bay, and their thoughts and effort, along with some professional help from a quality waterfront home construction company, made their dreams of living in a waterfront home possible.


waterfront home construction Mobile, AL

After renovation, the Ison waterfront home offers security and comfort in a gorgeous setting.



Now, not every potential waterfront home improvement project has the qualities of the Ison home. Folks who are thinking of buying an existing waterfront home need to get professional help to determine potential flooding and storm damage, the state of the home’s sub-floor spaces, and supports, and the conditions of the electrical and other utility services. 

The condition of the roof also needs evaluations. There are a lot of elements that waterfront home buyers need to consider. But, just think how nice it would be to have a home on the water which allows fishing, boating, and other water activities without having to drive to a ramp or marina.

Great Days Outdoors wanted to explore the way the Isons went about their waterfront home improvement project, and they were gracious enough to explain how they made their home on the water even better suited to their needs.

The best way to learn about their waterfront home construction process is to let Jamie tell the story.

GDO – Can you describe the house and property that you have renovated? What attracted you to this place?



Jamie – As a realtor, I have the opportunity to go in and see homes that are on the market in the area. I immediately fell in love with the serene atmosphere of this waterfront Mobile, AL cottage on the bay. 

GDO – What kind of major problems did you have to correct or improve? How difficult was it to fix a waterfront property?

Janie – Our home was in very good shape. Initially, we did create an outdoor patio and kitchen area.  With the high rainfall totals and now living here full time, we knew that we had to address drainage and moisture issues under the house.

After discussions with many experts for more than a year, we decided that MDH [Daphne, AL] was the company that we felt had the expertise to assist us with our waterfront home construction. We added drainage around the home to prevent water runoff, encapsulated underneath, added a sump pump and dehumidifier. The floors are no longer buckled, and energy costs are improved.

GDO- What was the work you had done by MDH Construction Company?

Jamie – After meeting and getting to know Mike [Mike Hayes, owner] and his staff, we felt confident that MDH was the company that we would work with to complete some waterfront home construction projects.  Once we decided to live full time at the bay, we needed to address closet space.  My husband and I shared one closet which was also the laundry room.  At first, we thought we would redo the closet and move the laundry room to another location.  


waterfront home construction

Sunrises such as this are worth a great deal to anyone who loves the outdoors.


We consulted with a great architect, Don Bowden, who helped us design the space.  Our study was adjacent to our bedroom and we decided to take in part of the study to create the laundry.  After a few months, Jay (my husband) said, “I don’t want to ever be in a closet with you again!”

We called the architect, he re-drew the plan. and now I share my closet with the laundry and Jay has a beautiful new master closet. We are both thrilled with the results!  Also, we decided to change to hardwood floors in our bedroom. 

During this waterfront home construction project, we also replaced some of our older windows with new impact windows to help strengthen our home regarding storms. 

GDO – What sort of water access to the bay or other waterways do you have?  Do you fish or dock a boat from your property?

Jamie – The entire front of our home is overlooking Mobile Bay.  We have a bulkhead, but we do not yet have a pier. We enjoy beautiful sunrises, watch hundreds of pelicans and other varieties of sea birds fly by including osprey and eagles!  We have amazing views of The Bayway and downtown Mobile at night.

GDO – What is the most satisfying part of having a house right on the water?

Jamie – The Western Shore of Mobile Bay is a hidden secret. After a day at work, Jay and I are only 15 to 20 minutes from our home where we are transformed into another world.  There seems to be a magnet that draws us to the water.  We enjoy the peace, serenity and the beauty of each day. 


waterfront home improvement

The new outdoor kitchen is a great addition to the home.


It is of crucial importance that any potential waterfront residence buyer in Mobile, AL work with a reputable contractor who can plan and deliver needed improvements. One of the very best construction companies in the Alabama coastal area is MDH Construction. Mike Hayes and his company offer remodeling, new construction, crawl space evaluation and correction and foundation repair.

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