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Several months ago, Joe Baya, publisher of Great Days Outdoors, approached me about writing a full time western blog.  At the time it seemed a little out there.  Why would the folks in the south care much about what we do out west?  However, Joe has a deep appreciation for not just wild things, but wild places.  “It gives our readers a chance to experience the west through a westerners eyes, even if they don’t live there.”  Ultimately, I really liked the vision he had about shining a light on western culture.  In the times we are in, appreciating others’ culture and heritage from different regions of America seemed refreshing; thus Western Exposure was born.  I believe the west is full of incredible scenery, vivid wild lands, inspiring mountain vistas, and a rich history that runs deep. I love the west, and through my blogs I hope that you will fall in love with this place too.

The mission of Western Exposure is to introduce folks to the western outdoor lifestyle, and provide substance for those who live here.  This blog is not about me, my staff, or my outfit.  It is about life in the western United States from a sportsman’s point of view.  I will endeavor through my writing and photographs to paint a western picture that is so captivating, the writer becomes a mere shadow to the story of a book you just can’t put down. The real understanding of western life cannot be found in lofty ridges, beautiful sunsets, and panoramic views.  The understanding comes in the simply day to day pleasures and struggles we find in our backyard mountains and rolling plains.  The small things expressed in an honest simple way, often invoke more understanding then a novel full of pictures and stories.

In Western Exposure, we intend to bring to the reader a comprehensive portfolio of western outdoor knowledge.  We will cover everything from morel hunting to elk hunting.  We will bring some of the outdoor industries leading professionals into your kitchen with honest interviews and relavant information.  We will conduct gear testing on a variety of outdoor gear and report what works, and what doesn’t. We will do how to articles, and what not to do articles.  We will discuss spouses, garages, woods, water, horses, guns and God, and if any of that offends you, just let us know and we will do on article on gaining thicker skin. Everything you can imagine we will eventually touch on.  We may be philosophical, we may be humorous, but we will always shoot straight with our readers.



I hope you will come along with us on this journey through the west.  Sit back with a cup of coffee and join me at my kitchen table, the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  You might learn something, you might not, but you will always be full.  Always feel free to comment or email me directly at westernexposure@greatdaysoutdoors.com.  I look forward to our Western Exposure!

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