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What’s My Land Worth?

This is Huntin’ Land, the podcast for landowners and land hunters. If you like to stay up to date on hunting tactics, land management, land values, and land market dynamics, this is the podcast for you. On this What’s My Land Worth episode, Clint and Joe talk with Jason Burbage of National Land Realty about per acre pricing, trends, and the latest updates in the rural real estate markets. Plus, they talk about areas of the USA bucking these trends and an in-depth discussion of the replacement value and sales comparison approach of a broker’s price opinion.





As a landowner, it is important to know what your land is worth. You may find yourself asking the questions like,  “how much is my land worth today,” “how much is my land worth per acre,” “how much is timberland worth,” “what is my farmland worth,” “how much is agricultural land worth,” and other such questions. Many factors go in to determining the value of land and seeking out the wisdom of experts is a great place to find the answers to your questions.

Each week, on the Huntin’ Land Podcast, we will bring in various experts to help provide answers to the important questions landowners have.

Topics Discussed

What is the price per acre trend within our sales?

–  Are things are good / bad?

Are there any areas of the country bucking that trend?


– Worse areas or better areas

Discussion of Replacement Value / Sales Comparison Approach of a Brokers Price Opinion

Why “Testing the Market” is risky?

Why it’s still a good time to buy and sell?


what's my land worth


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