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Ed Mashburn

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Ed Mashburn

Ed Mashburn is a long-time contributor to Great Days Outdoors and has served through the years in a range of capacities. For over twenty years, he has enjoyed telling the stories of fishing on the Gulf Coast and inland waters of the deep South.

He lives and fishes there, and has spent time on the water in all the northern Gulf Coast states.  His primary focus is on kayak fishing in the Gulf Coast for redfish, trout, and king mackerel during summer season, and fly fishing for all species.

Ed Mashburn has published four books. Two free books on Kindle E-Book format titled Lessons Learned from Living in the Country: A Guide for New Rural Residents and Bull Redfish on the Gulf Coast. His two books about fishing published in traditional hard-cover format are titled Fishing Alabama: A Guide to Fifty Great Places to Fish and a new book is out this fall, Kayak Fishing the Northern Gulf Coast. This book which covers the waters from the Tallahassee area to the Texas border and all states between is available in bookstores, outdoor supply shops, and online.

He has a wide range of fishing experience from the creeks and rivers of the Arkansas and Missouri Ozarks to the far west of Arizona lakes and streams. He has fished in Mexico and Belize. His wide range of fishing exposure has shown him that anglers lucky enough to live on the Gulf Coast are probably living in the best of all worlds for those who love the water and the fish.


In addition to his fishing, he builds wooden kayaks, ties his own poppers and streamer flies, and makes rods when he has time.

Ed Mashburn is a retired public-school teacher, and he enjoys helping other anglers find new places to fish, and new ways to catch fish.  His most frequent fishing partner is his wife, June, also a retired teacher. She almost always catches more and bigger fish.


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