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UTV / ATV Accessories To Consider

My first experience with an ATV was a Honda Big Red three wheeler that provided one use: traveling over rough terrain for use while hunting. ATV’s and UTVs have evolved from their utilitarian roots into versatile machines that cater to a wide range of riders. In this article, we’ll explore a ton of ideas for UTV/ATV accessories that I’ve used myself or seen in use with friends that can not only boost your vehicle’s performance but also turn your ATV/UTV into a vehicle suitable for a host of different pursuits. Every accessory may not be right for every owner, but all of them have given a good experience to either my own needs or those that I’m close with. I hope this inspires you to to get more out of your ATV or UTV.

ATV Exhaust Silencer

ATV Exhaust Silencer

An exhaust silencer from The Silent Rider is a great accessory for you ATV or UTV. The primary advantage of an exhaust silencer is noise reduction. Riding an ATV can be quite loud, and this can be not only annoying for others nearby but also potentially disruptive to wild game. A silencer significantly reduces the noise produced by the exhaust, making for a more enjoyable and less intrusive riding experience. Additionally, it can be beneficial when hunting or exploring in quieter environments, as it doesn’t spook wildlife or disturb the peace. Check out this article to learn more about the points to consider in an ATV exhaust silencer.

Seatbelt Silencer

Seatbelt Silencer

UTVs are known for their rugged, off-road adventures, and sometimes the seatbelt alarms can become annoying, especially when navigating uneven terrain or during brief stops for minor adjustments like opening a gate. A seatbelt silencer is a great addition because it allows us to temporarily disable the engine regulator without compromising safety.

Gun Cases

klopin outdoors gun rest

Gun cases offer a secure and protective way to transport firearms during your outdoor adventures and they make perfect ATV accessories. Whether it’s a shotgun, rifle, or muzzleloader, the gun boot ensures that our firearms are shielded from the elements, preventing dirt, debris, and moisture from affecting their functionality. The convenience of easy access to our weapons when needed, combined with the peace of mind that they are safely stored, makes it an excellent addition to our vehicles. Plus, it keeps our firearms within reach, allowing us to be prepared for unexpected opportunities while hunting. My personal choice is Kolpin Outdoors, they offer many different varieties of gun racks to suit your needs.

Phone Mount

phone mounts

A phone mount is an excellent accessory for ATVs and UTVs because it promotes a hands-free experience, enhancing safety and convenience during off-road adventures. By securely holding the phone within the rider’s line of sight, it allows for easy access to GPS navigation, music controls, and communication apps without the need to physically hold the device. This hands-free operation minimizes distractions, ensuring that the rider can keep their focus on the trail and their surroundings, reducing the risk of accidents. The customizable design of RAM® Mounts allows you to attach their phone mounts to various locations, including handlebars, roll bars, windshields, and cup holders.




A SawHaul is a valuable accessory for ATV or UTV owners, primarily because it enhances convenience and utility during outdoor activities. This innovative device securely holds chainsaws, allowing for quick and easy access when cutting through obstacles like fallen trees or branches while on the trail or during off-road work. It ensures that the chainsaw is readily available, reducing downtime and the need to dismount or manually transport it. This not only streamlines tasks like trail maintenance and wood cutting but also enhances safety by keeping the chainsaw securely mounted and preventing potential accidents.

Tempered Glass Windshield

A tempered glass windshield is a valuable ATV and UTV accessory for several key reasons. It provides superior protection and durability compared to plastic alternatives, with increased resistance to scratching and debris damage. Its crystal-clear optical quality ensures a safe, unobstructed view of the terrain. The thing I enjoy about it the most is the ability to trailer my UTV without worry of caving a plastic windshield in (ask me how I know that can happen). Moreover, it’s easier to maintain over time due to its resistance to hazing and discoloration. On my UTV, I’ve enjoyed the Fortress Tip Out Windshield.


atv accessories winch

A good winch provides the capability to self-recover when stuck in challenging off-road conditions, ensuring that you can confidently navigate through mud, snow, or rough terrain. Beyond self-recovery, a winch is a valuable tool for assisting others, whether it’s pulling a fellow rider out of a tricky spot or helping clear obstacles from a trail. In the outdoors, it can be used for tasks like hauling game, loading equipment onto a trailer, or setting up a shelter. A winch enhances the functionality and safety of your ATV or UTV, making it an essential accessory for any adventure or work in rugged environments.

ATV/UTV Sprayer

ATV accessories sprayer

An ATV/UTV sprayer serves as a valuable ATV or UTV accessory when managing food plots for deer and other wildlife. It provides a versatile and efficient way to apply herbicides, fertilizers, and other essential treatments to enhance the quality of the food plot. With these vehicles’ mobility and versatility, you can cover large areas quickly and precisely, promoting healthy forage growth that attracts deer. Additionally, sprayers can help control unwanted vegetation, ensuring that the food plot remains a prime location for deer to forage. There are a bunch of great options in various sizes and for various needs, so Check out our list of some of the best ATV and UTV sprayers here.

ATV/UTV Seed Spreader

ATV/UTV Seed Spreader

Seed spreaders are valuable accessories for ATV or UTV owners, particularly for those interested in creating and maintaining food plots for deer. These devices are highly efficient for distributing seed, fertilizer, or other granular materials over large areas with precision and consistency. By attaching a spreader to your ATV or UTV, you can easily cover expansive food plot areas, ensuring even distribution of seeds or nutrients. This not only simplifies the planting process but also maximizes the potential for lush and attractive food sources, which can help attract and sustain deer populations. Check out our list of some of the best ATV and UTV seed spreaders here.

Roof Rack

Roof Rack

A roof rack will broaden your UTV’s storage capacity, allowing you to transport extra gear, tools, or equipment. This not only boosts convenience but also guarantees easy access to crucial items. Also, he roof rack provides a secure and elevated space for cargo, avoiding any interference with the vehicle’s handling or ground clearance. It can serve as a versatile platform for attaching additional ATV accessories like lighting, spare tires, or cargo containers as well.


Kula Cooler

Kula Cooler atv accessories

The KULA 5 MAGNEPOD™ cooler from BOTE has a rugged design and construction making it highly durable and capable of withstanding the rugged terrains and harsh conditions often encountered during off-road adventures. The cooler’s thick insulation keeps beverages and food items cold for an extended period, ensuring refreshment during long rides. With its convenient handles and ergonomic shape, it’s easy to carry and secure on your ATV or UTV, and its non-slip feet provide stability during bumpy rides. Additionally, KULA coolers are designed to be airtight and leak-proof, preventing any spills or messes that might occur when navigating rough terrain. Put this thing on your roof rack, and it makes filling up your water cup easy on those hot summer work days.


Caddycan atv accessories

When exploring off-road, maintaining a clean environment is important to me. Having to worry about trash blowing about and having to have a huge cleanup at the end of the day are a thing of the past for me since I got a caddycan. The Caddycan allows riders to conveniently collect and store trash, ensuring that waste materials are not left behind in nature. With its compact design and secure lid, the Caddycan is a practical solution for riders to dispose of litter, making it an essential accessory for those who wish to enjoy the great outdoors while leaving minimal environmental impact.

Gluetread Sidewall Repair Kit

Gluetread Sidewall Repair Kit

A Gluetread sidewall repair kit is a crucial accessory for ATV and UTV owners, offering a fast and effective solution to tackle unexpected tire damage in demanding off-road conditions. It’s a safety net against sidewall punctures and cuts, which are common on rough terrains. With this kit, riders can swiftly fix issues, preventing further damage and ensuring a safe journey, especially in remote areas where professional assistance may not be accessible.

Slime For Flat Tires

atv accessories tire slime

Tire slime is a beneficial accessory for ATVs and UTVs because it acts as a quick and convenient solution for repairing flat tires on the trail. It’s a sealant that can be easily injected into the tire, sealing punctures caused by thorns, nails, or other debris, preventing the need to change the tire immediately. This not only saves time and effort but also ensures that riders can continue their off-road adventures without interruption, making it a valuable tool for ATV and UTV enthusiasts.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

ATVs and UTVs are often used in remote or rugged environments where medical assistance may not be readily available. Having a good first aid kit on hand allows riders to administer immediate care for minor injuries, potentially preventing them from becoming more serious. It enhances safety and preparedness, ensuring that riders can quickly respond to common off-road incidents such as cuts, scrapes, or minor sprains.

Air Compressor

Air Compressor

A portable tire inflator is a valuable accessory for ATV or UTV owners because it offers the convenience of quickly and easily adjusting tire pressure on the go. This is especially important for off-roading adventures, where terrain conditions can change rapidly. By maintaining the right tire pressure, riders can optimize traction, handling, and overall safety, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience while minimizing the risk of getting stuck or damaging the vehicle. Also, when you inevitably get that flat or puncture that sidewall, once you’ve made the repair you’re going to need to air back up unless you want a long ride out.

Come Along Or Block And Tackle

Come Along Or Block And Tackle

A come-along serves as a highly useful add-on for ATVs and UTVs, offering a flexible and easily transportable means of recovery and support during off-road scenarios. Whether you find yourself mired in mud, snowbound, or grappling with mechanical problems, a come-along can aid in pulling your vehicle from tricky situations or providing assistance in various recovery tasks. Its compact dimensions make it convenient to transport, and its independence from electrical power ensures its reliability in remote or demanding terrains, where traditional winches might not be feasible or accessible. Also, sometimes when you’re stuck, the last thing you want to do is go further in, where a front bumper mounted winch has to take you. A come-along has your back.

Snatch Block

A snatch block is a valuable accessory for both UTVs and ATVs due to its versatility in various off-road situations. It allows users to change the direction of a winch cable or double the pulling capacity, making it handy for recovery operations, towing, or navigating through challenging terrains. By reducing the strain on the vehicle’s winch and providing better control over angles and forces, a snatch block significantly enhances the vehicle’s off-road capabilities and safety, making it a crucial accessory for any outdoor enthusiast.

Farm Jack / Jack

farm jack atv accessories

Farm jacks are valuable accessories for UTVs and ATVs due to their versatility and utility. It can be a lifesaver in off-road situations, helping to lift and stabilize the vehicle when it’s stuck in mud, sand, or rough terrain. This tool can also assist in various tasks on the farm, such as lifting heavy objects or fence maintenance. Its rugged construction and ability to handle a range of tasks make it a practical and essential addition for UTV and ATV owners who need to tackle challenging environments and tasks.

Tire Iron

tire iron

Most ATV’s and UTV’s don’t come with a tire iron or jack of any sort. Inevitably you’re going to need it, so go head and add it toyur your basics. Tire irons are valuable UTV and ATV accessories to have because they offer a quick and efficient solution to address flat tires or perform routine maintenance in off-road settings. These versatile tools help riders change tires, fix flats, and adjust tire pressure, ensuring that you can keep moving on your adventure without being stranded due to a simple tire issue. Their compact size and portability make them practical additions to any UTV or ATV toolkit, enhancing safety and convenience during off-road excursions.

Window Netting

Window netting is a valuable UTV and ATV accessory for several reasons. It enhances safety by providing a protective barrier against flying debris, dust, and branches, keeping riders safe and comfortable. Additionally, it helps reduce wind chill during cold weather rides and shields against bugs and other irritants in warmer conditions. Window netting also contributes to a more enjoyable off-road experience by minimizing distractions and potential hazards, making it an essential addition to these vehicles.

Portable Heater

Portable Heater atv accessories

Portable heaters make excellent UTV and ATV accessories due to their versatility in providing warmth during cold rides. They ensure rider comfort in chilly weather, especially in open vehicles like UTVs and ATVs. Whether for work or recreational purposes, these heaters help extend the usability of these vehicles, making them practical even in adverse conditions.

IcyBreeze Portable AC

Icy Breeze V2 Pro

An IcyBreeze portable air conditioner ensures that riders remain comfortable and focused during long rides, enhancing safety and overall enjoyment. The convenience of its portability and dual functionality as a cooler and air conditioner makes it an excellent addition for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly when exploring in extreme weather. If you want to install doors or a full enclosure on your UTV for cold weather, leave them on for those hot days and ice your drinks and cool your cab at the same time with this unique new option.

Roll Cage Organizer

Roll cage organizers are valuable ATV accessories because they provide a convenient and secure way to store essential gear and equipment. With limited storage space in these vehicles, a roll cage organizer maximizes the available storage area, ensuring that tools, first aid kits, and other necessities are readily accessible and not buried at the bottom of your bed. It helps keep the interior clutter-free, improving safety and efficiency during off-road adventures.

Tow Strap

Tow Strap

A tow straps are valuable UTV and ATV accessories for UTV and ATV owners because it provides a quick and effective solution for vehicle recovery in off-road situations. Whether you’re stuck in mud, snow, or sand, a tow strap allows you to safely pull or be pulled out of challenging terrain. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for self-recovery or assisting fellow riders in need, making it an essential accessory to ensure a smoother and safer off-road experience.



Paracord is an excellent UTV and ATV accessory to have because of its versatility and durability. It can serve multiple purposes, securing cargo, or even crafting makeshift repairs on the trail. With its high tensile strength and resistance to the elements, paracord is a reliable tool that can be a valuable asset during off-road adventures, helping to address unexpected challenges or needs quickly and effectively. It’s also good to have around when you realize you needed a gear rope on that treestand you just put up.

Basic Tool Kit

A basic tool kit is an excellent UTV and ATV accessory to have because it provides essential tools for on-the-go repairs and maintenance. These vehicles often venture into remote or rugged terrain, making breakdowns or minor issues more likely. With a basic tool kit on board, riders can quickly address common problems, such as loose bolts or minor adjustments, ensuring they can continue their adventure without being stranded. It’s a practical and cost-effective way to enhance safety and reliability during off-road trips.

Duct Tape

atv accessories duct tape

It’s duct tape. You can never have enough duct tape.

UTV / ATV Accessories Serve Specific Needs

ATVs and UTVs are awesome vehicles for getting jobs done and traversing rough terrain. While they are certainly capable as the come from the factory, the after-market accessory options make them suitable for a ton of different tasks. If you do nothing else, remember that safety should always be a top priority. Equip yourself with the necessary protective gear to safeguard against unexpected challenges that off-roading can present.

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