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Cool Boat Dock Design Ideas

Of all the things which improve boat life on the water, there is nothing which offers more convenience and easy access to the water than a good, well-made dock. Docks provide safe and secure lodging for boats, and when equipped with dock houses, lots of boat and fishing gear can be stored for easy access for those fishing trips. They provide swimming access, and if desired, docks can even provide extremely comfortable living space. Whether it’s building a new dock from scratch or rebuilding a dock after a storm, new construction requires some planning and it wouldn’t hurt to have some cool boat dock design ideas.


Cool Dock Ideas – A Lot To Consider

Daniel Miller of Chattanooga Dock Builders said that folks wanting a new dock have a lot to consider before construction starts. 


boat dock design ideas

Dock houses can provide great living space and storage.


“Taking a step back from all assumptions to determine the big picture of what our client is trying to achieve is the first step to a dock design,” Miller said.  “An example of this would be a client requesting a quote for a floating dock with a boat lift when the water at their site is too shallow for a floating dock lift.  Site conditions play a big role in good design and considering all of the constraints and site conditions will prevent a lot of headaches.”

In addition, there are a lot of potential limitations which new builders have to consider for residential boat dock designs.  

“Design restrictions imposed by AHJs (authorities having jurisdiction) including TVA, Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Forest Service, homeowners associations, state or federal environmental protection divisions. Shoreline profile- bottom slope and water depths around the dock, shoreline and bottom composition (clay, rock, sand, silt), expected and/or historic low and high water levels, shading and sun exposure, distance to adjacent structure (docks, navigation channels, sand bars) and fetch  the maximum length or open water wind can travel must be considered”, Miller noted.



New Materials for Dock Construction

Dock construction has come a long way from the days of pounding some pilings into the bottom and nailing on some cross-pieces and then some decking.  Modern boat dock ideas offer safety, long-life, and much more convenience than old slapped-together docks.


new dock building materials

Modern engineered dock structure timbers and supports are much superior to traditional wooden materials.


“For fixed docks, at a minimum, it is imperative to select pressure treated lumber and pilings that are treated to the correct use category rating by the AWPA. When constructing our fixed docks out of pressure treated lumber, we like to take a few extra steps like coating the end grain cuts with copper naphthenate and using an isolation wrap between the galvanized steel joist hangers and treated lumber to prevent reaction and premature corrosion.  For longer lasting alternatives to wood framing and pilings, we use WearDeck joists and decking and Eco Pile pilings,” Miller noted.


Common Dock Mistakes

  • Miller outlined many of the common and  costly mistakes folks who have new docks built. Building a dock without first obtaining a permit
  • Stretching the budget to build the dock as large as possible while skimping on material quality
  • Walkway/gangway too short
  • Improper floatation calculations resulting in inconsistent freeboard on the dock
  • Floating docks with inadequate anchoring systems
  • Fixed dock pilings not driven deep enough to prevent uplift in flood conditions
  • Boat slips and boat lifts that are undersized and not designed to allow for size or weight increases in future boat purchases
  • Selecting pressure treated lumber from big box stores which is not suited for use in freshwater, brackish, or saltwater environments.


boat dock design ideas

KillerDock covered cleaning stations offer convenience and sanitary cleaning of fish.


Boat Dock Design Ideas For Those That Catch Fish…

There are few things more miserable than trying to clean a mess of fish without the right tools, and cleaning fish on a worn out, nasty tabletop or deck railing in the hot Gulf Coast sun is no fun.

 “Many new dock constructions will build a wooden table with some metal or plastic cutting board. Unfortunately, these have a short life of looking clean and functioning well.  The mix of salt water, fish guts, sun exposure and time will rot and rust most of these setups.  What KillerDock offers is an incredible solution that you don’t have to figure out to fabricate yourself or worry about having to replace it in a couple years.  Docks are now being utilized as so much more than just a place to store your boat. Having a fantastic fish cleaning station that is designed to look awesome and last a long time is exactly the best choice to finish out your dock project,” said Aaron Williamson, sales manager of KillerDock.


cool boat dock cleaning table

The KilerDock cleaning surface is engineered to be both sanitary and long-lasting.


”Killerdock fish cleaning stations mount to wooden docks, decks, and seawalls with lag bolts or threaded bolts. They mount to concrete using wedge anchors,” Williamson explained.  The marine grade aluminum is ceramic coated and half the weight of stainless steel.  It won’t rust or rot like a wooden table with screws or nails. The High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) cutting board is UV protected and lasts many years under your knife blades. KillerDock fish cleaning station are designed with the ability to overhang the water which minimizes the footprint on your dock. They also have an engineered wind rating of 150 mph.”

The KillerDock fish cleaning station is very flexible in design and can be custom-fitted to provide even more conveniences to specific locations.

“We provide several different combinations of options so you can choose what works best for you. We have multiple patented table draining options including draining below the dock through the table legs. You can choose to add a sink, a drawer, or a LED light.  Built-in hose stations on each station bring convenience and keep you from dragging a hose across your dock every time you need to clean fish,”  Williamson added.


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