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Evaluating Hunting Box Blinds For Sale

Some hunters really love hunting from an elevated stand but it can be overwhelming when trying to select the right one for you. Today, there are many hunting box blind manufacturers, and most of them make good products for deer hunting. But some check more boxes than others, and there are a lot of boxes. According to hunting box blind expert Chris Blood with Texas Hunter Products, there are numerous specifications and factors that go along with purchasing quality hunting box blinds. Understanding what these are can help you select the right blind for your hunting efforts. Here are 15 of those.


Things To Consider In Hunting Box Blinds

Floor Plan

The floor plan of a box blind for hunting is a very important purchase consideration. There are smaller and larger blinds with floor plans that come in different shapes, such as circular, square, or rectangular. “The first thing is the floor plan,” Blood said. “Who’s going to be hunting. Are there other hunters? Are you hunting by yourself? This is one of the biggest factors.”


A blind design that doesn’t suit your needs won’t be as fulfilling or probably as successful.

Shooting Width

The shooting width is another important factor. Larger is almost always better.


“You need to be comfortable and be able to turn and shoot in multiple directions,” Blood said. “Being able to maneuver is important for getting your rifle, crossbow, or in the bigger floor plans, compounds. We design those for pulling a bow. We have elongated windows for bowhunters. We also make regular rifle windows. And we make combinations.”

The 4×4 is great for individual hunters. You can turn, move, and shoot in any direction without getting up. With two or more hunters, the larger blinds, such as the 5’x7′, are good for two hunters. The 4’x8′ is ideal for even more.

Standing Height

The height is something else to consider. Most Texas Hunter Products blinds have six feet three inches of standing room, so these are spacious. This allows you to stand, stretch, shoot, and otherwise move about.


Door, Window, and Wall Design

The window configuration is very important. It needs to be in sync with the weapon you plan to use most of the time. For example, gun hunters prefer horizontal windows. Bow hunting box blinds need vertical ones. Hunters who use a variety of weapons require a combination of these.



hunting box blinds

Vertical windows are essential for compound bowhunters.


While it might seem irrelevant, how you open window blinds also factors in. Some windows only slide up. Other blinds, including the Wrangler models, have flip-open windows, and you can clean them on both sides.

Texas Hunter Blinds even have full carpeting. This is great for decreasing emanated noise, but it’s more than that. “It’s not just a sound dampener,” Blood said. “It’s also added warmth. That’s a big deal.”


Your chosen deer hunting box blind should do what it’s supposed to — keep you hidden. Concealment is a box that must be checked. That includes windows that are just big enough, but not too big. It also means a design that allows minimal sunlight into the blind.

Blind Spots

While a good blind is meant to keep you concealed, you can have too much of a good thing.

“One of the biggest things about our window system is we have very limited blind spots,” Blood said. “In fact, our Trophy blinds have just two inch corner posts, offering very good visibility.”

Platform Height

For those hunting from an elevated position, the height is a significant aspect of the selection.

“The height of the blind and where are you going to put it needs to be considered,” Blood said.  “If you are going to be in brush then you will want to be situated higher to look over that brush.” 


elevated box blind

A good platform of the desired height is a must-have.


Choose a platform height that places you at the desired distance from the ground. Ensure there is a blind and platform height combo that falls within your selected parameters.


If hunting a lot under warmer conditions, proper ventilation is crucial. Sure, this allows more scent to escape, but it’s a small price to pay for increased comfort. It’ll help you sweat less and produce less scent, anyway.


Some hunting box blinds are heavier than others. Being aware of this is crucial, especially if you don’t have the means or manpower to place it in position. Determine whether you have the heavy equipment necessary to safely elevate the blind onto the platform, or the manpower to get it there, or not.


Those who want to move their hunting blinds around a lot should select a blind that’s more maneuverable. This might mean getting one that is compatible with a trailer, or that simply moves easier.


Good blinds also offer comforts and conveniences. A shooter shelf can provide extra spacing for gear. A silent swivel gun rest can help stabilize your firearm during the shot. Cupholders, universal mounts that work for phones, cameras, etc., are added benefits, too. Other features can provide increased value as well.


hunting box blind accessories

Gun rests, cupholders, and other accessories are quite helpful.



Protecting your hard-earned dollars is a crucial aspect of any gear purchase. Hunting box blinds are no different. Fortunately, they can also be secured thanks to lockable doors. That helps keep out unwanted hunters and pests.


Material is a critical component of the longevity equation. Subpar materials lead to lesser offerings that won’t last as long.

“You want something that’s going to last a long time,” Blood explained. “We started making blinds in 1954. We still have blinds out there this many years later. Our blinds were originally made from plywood. About 20 years ago, we switched to a product called starboard. It’s a marine-grade polymer that’s made to be in the water and sun all the time. They even use it for decks on boats. It’s a lifetime product.

“We also make a line called the Wrangler blinds,” Blood continued. “That’s our 5’x7′ blind. We also make that in a 4’x8′. Those blinds are made from aluminum. They won’t rust. It’s an all-weather material.”

Look to all parts for quality, and not just the base and shell. “Our roofs are all made from galvanized steel,” Blood said. “They won’t rust, and there’s no seam. Plus, all our corner posts are aluminum, so the blind itself is made from material that’s a lifetime product.”

Paint protection is another thing to analyze. This is especially true for steel products. That can be the difference in the longevity of a blind, especially its platform. “Our towers are made from steel,” Blood said. “They’re powder coated like outdoor furniture.”


On a similar note, the warranty is almost always a good tell on how well made a product is. While not always true, generally, longer warranties can insinuate better quality. This is something to remember when researching hunting box blind options for sale.


hunting box blind

Get the right floor plan configuration for you.



Finally, look at the price tag. In an age of inflation, it’s more difficult to determine what’s a good buy, and what isn’t. Still, analyze the product, its ability to satisfy your requirements, and the dollar amount it takes to bring it home to the farm. If the cost fits the value, it might just be time to make that purchase.

Obviously, selecting a hunting box blind is a major undertaking, but you’re preparing for it. It’s time to go find the right one. “Texas Hunter blinds are designed to ship anywhere and are available nationwide through a network of dealers,” Blood concluded.

Regardless of the specific hunting blind box you purchase, remember to get one that fits your needs. Do that, and you’re well on your way to many enjoyable sits at the farm.

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