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Thermacell MR450

This completely revamped Thermacell design allows for better airflow in an upright position. It will emit a more effective zone of protection if attached to your belt than the previous Thermacells. The ignition switch is 50 to 80 percent quieter. Every unit comes with a belt clip for easy access and storage. Also, the indicator light will illuminate when the unit has reached the appropriate temperature to emit the zone of protection. This lets you know when the unit is not at the correct temperature rather than you being attacked by mosquitoes. The MR450 uses the same mats and butane cartridges as other Thermacells. See

Mac Daddy Caddy

This 33-pound mobile hunting chair features a 360-degree silent swivel seat, a 3-inch bottom cushion and a 2-inch back cushion for all-day comfort. It also features an 18-can soft-side camo cooler, a heavy-duty accessory box holding up to eight boxes of 12-gauge shells and four separate storage pouches to hold accessories and harvested game. Also included is a large camo shell pouch with snap and Velcro closures. Measuring 21x16x34.5 inches, the Mac Daddy also has a 5/8-inch solid-steel axle that will support up to 300 pounds static weight capacity. See

Wac’Em Broadheads New Steel Expandable

Each Wac’Em expandable broadhead is engineered to the tightest tolerances and promises efficiency. Using the same cut-on-impact tip design as the Wac’Em fixed blade, the tip on the expandable blade splits the hide on impact, but its blades don’t deploy until half of the broadhead body has penetrated the hide. This unique blade design prevents the Wac’Em expandable from losing kinetic energy in flight and gives it a similar entrance hole to a cut-on-contact fixed blade, while allowing it to get a pass-through in almost every situation. The Wac’Em expandable creates giant wound channels and exit holes, allowing for much better blood trails. This results in easier tracking. The Wac’Em American-forged steel expandable broadhead will be available in a big 1.5-inch cut in a 2-blade and a 3-blade version, all in 100-grain weights. See

StowMaster Landing Nets from Norsemen Outdoors

These nets, made in the U.S.A., are specially engineered and patented to be fish-friendly, ultra-strong, tangle-free and easily stowable with a lifetime guarantee. I’ve enjoyed my StowMaster net because I can extend it, fold it and stow it. StowMaster landing nets are fully collapsible for easy storage. Their minimal weight and engineered strength make them perfect for charter fishing, bass fishing and catching other species on lakes and rivers. See



Cajun Fryer Breading Tub

Our family enjoys this very-affordable breading tub. We enjoy how much it simplifies perfectly coating fish, other meats and seafood and vegetables to fry, particularly when preparing large quantities. See


Natural Insect Protection US-based BugBand is a line of naturally derived, DEET-free insect repellents, including wristbands, pump spray, towelettes, bead bags and portable diffusers. BugBand uses Geraniol, a natural essential oil derived from geraniums, to actively and effectively repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats, fleas, no-see-ums, and ticks. BugBand Towelettes and Pump Sprays are available for heavy protection and can repel ticks that carry Lyme disease, which is a concern nationwide. BugBand is also available as a waterproof wristband for lighter protection that works effectively to repel insects naturally for up to 120 hours – perfect when outdoors. The BugBand line is non-toxic and safe for the entire family, even pets.

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