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Best Hunting Gifts For 2023

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start putting together your gift idea list. And if your list includes a hunter or hunters, then we’ve got you covered. From higher ticket items to stocking stuffers, cool kitchen gadgets to gifts for the hunter who has everything…you’ll definitely find something sure to please the hunter on your list with our round up of the best hunting gifts for 2022.

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Electric Hunting Bike

quietkat electric bike hunting gifts

Electric hunting bikes are taking the outdoors by storm. With numerous advantages and benefits, from increased carrying capacity to minimizing ground scent, they are becoming a vital part of a hunter’s gear arsenal. Watch the hunter in your life’s eyes light up just like a kid getting a new 10-speed with this

Free Two Wheel Trailer With E-Bike Purchase ($349 value) | Code Required “QuietKargo”

Night Vision Optics

photonis night vision

If you are looking at night vision optics as a hunting gift, you should go with premium quality. This monocular is an awesome tool for sneaking to and from your stand with little to zero impact on the wildlife, and it can be paired with a holographic weapon sight for use in the nighttime hunting of feral pigs and coyotes where legal. Photonis night vision optics achieve MILSPEC performance when paired with the Photonis Defense 4G image tube and is a rugged option that works very well for hunters.

Refrigerated Cooler

dometic refrigerated cooler

This powered cooler produces impressive cooling and freezing, allowing hunters to bring more of the food and drinks they love wherever they go without the need for ice. The robust design and rugged frame construction make this cooler built for tough outdoor use. Enjoy efficient cooling and freezing with convenience thanks to a mobile app that puts the control of your Dometic CFX3 at your fingertips.

High-Quality Pocket Knife

benchmade pocket knife hunting gifts

A high-quality pocket knife is a must for every hunter and Benchmade makes some of the highest-quality knives available. Boasting one of the strongest locks in Benchmade history, the 980 Turret® is a pocket knife made for the long haul. It can handle hefty jobs and maintain its sharp edge after countless uses. Due to its lightweight and slim design, this is the perfect knife for an everyday carry that is sure to impress everyone at camp. Made in the USA.

Replaceable Blade Knives

outdoor edge replaceable blade knives

A must for every hunter that enjoys butchering their own deer. No knife sharpening is necessary when you can change blades fast and easily! When a blade goes dull, simply push the lock release button in the handle to remove and insert a shaving-sharp new one; Includes two 3.5-inch drop-point blades, one 3.9-inch gutting blade, two 5.0-inch boning/fillet blades, and two 3.0-inch caping blades. Combines the necessary tools for hunters in a compact waxed canvas roll pack. Featuring two RazorSafe replaceable blade knives and a saw, the RazorGuide Pak is ready to meet the demands of even the most experienced guides all the way down to your average hunter. The blaze orange nonslip TPR handles are mounted to a sturdy 420J2 stainless steel frame for unparalleled strength and durability while providing a secure grip, even in the slickest conditions.

Knife Field Sharpener

work sharp guided field sharpener hunting gifts

This pocket-sized knife sharpener is designed exclusively for hunters and knife users who need a complete, robust and compact manual sharpening solution. 20°guides, 320 & 600 grit diamond, a fine ceramic rod, and a leather strap combine to provide one solution from repair to creating a highly polished sharp edge.

Battery Powered Heating Blanket

kodiak battery powered heating blanket

Sit longer and be more still on those cold mornings in the rut! For those terribly cold winter days in the shooting house, a battery-powered heating blanket is a great thing to have. The innovative battery pack lasts for up to 3+ hours of continuous heat and the space-grade insulation that lines the entire blanket allows for heat retention long after the battery dies or you turn it off! The non-permeable exterior protects against natural elements and it is highly water resistant. And for your convenience, all this amazing technology is completely machine washable.

Backpack Cooler

yeti backpack cooler hunting gifts

A backpack cooler is a cool Christmas hunting gift idea. From toting groceries to the camp to bringing meat back home from a traveling hunt, this is a great option. Easily carry any drinks on the UTV or to your hunting spot, keeping hands free to tote any hunting gear.

3D Deer Archery Target

3d archery deer target hunting gifts

There is no exception for shooting at the real thing, but this is a close second to make sure you will make a clean shot when you draw back on that buck of a lifetime. A 3D buck target is the ultimate archery target and will help hunters prepare for their best trophy yet. This buck target is the same size as a 300-pound deer and comes with a replaceable insert marked with the deer’s vitals to perfect your aim. The vitals insert is made for extended target life and easy arrow removal. The Full Rut buck stops field tips, broadheads, and expandables so hunters can practice with the same setup they will use in the field.  

Binocular Harness

Leupold binocular harness

A binocular harness system is a great addition to a hunter’s gear. When doing any type of hunting it is nice to be hands free when you need to be. This product has a front elastic zippered pocket and elastic side pockets for bug spray, face paint or anything you like to keep handy. As much as a hunter will not admit it, he also likes to have his cell phone accessible these days and this system has a rear cell phone pocket. Noise is always a concern so the soft fleece lining for smooth, silent retrieval of binoculars is a must. 

Upgraded Hunting Backpack

hunting backpack hunting gifts

Sometimes a hunting trip can be a long trek so it would be great to have a rugged backpack that can carry everything with ease. This hunting backpack is fully adjustable and completely user configurable with endless combinations and the ultra-rugged frame utilizes YKK zippers to allow the attachment of a variety of packs and accessories to fit any backcountry hunt. It can be built up to be a multi-day expedition pack, or can go in light so it can come out heavy. A perfect addition to your hunting gifts list.

Premium Gun Or Bow Case

pelican gun case

Hunters can have many different pieces of equipment that need to be protected while being transported and how better to protect them than inside the world’s toughest and lightest case. With built in wheels and less weight than other polymer cases, the Pelican™ Air Case 1755 keeps hunters rolling along. It is ideal to protect survey equipment, firearms, camera tripods, and other lengthy equipment.

pelican bow case hunting gifts

For those with bowhunters on their hunting gifts list, a new bow case that offers premium protection should definitely be added. This case was expertly designed to meet the unique needs of the most demanding bow hunters. It is very light which minimizes additional travel costs. The exterior features six heavy-duty, push-button latches (including two TSA-approved locking latches), 4 stainless steel lock hasps, and wheels for easy transit. The interior components provide modular storage, allowing for a wide range of configurations for your unique bow and accessory kit.

Hunting Tripod

BOG shooting tripod

A hunting tripod can save a hunter many miles of hiking and many torturous feet of steep terrain. They can also elevate hunters shooting skills. A quality, easy to tote, hunting tripod is a piece of gear every hunter should have.

Gun Sling

Slogan gun sling hunting gifts

Being able to comfortably carry a gun and then transition into a shooting position is important for a hunter so an upgraded gun sling would be a great gift for the hunter in your life. The Slogan Sling has maximum non-slip gripping power, is weather impervious, allows for instant shooting position readiness, and comes with a forever guarantee.

Digiscoping Setup

Phone Adapter hunting gift

For those hunters that like to take pictures or videos through their optics, this digiscoping setup is one of the best solutions out there. The viewer is completely universal and has an incredibly low profile when attached. Two phone grippers for added stability in harsh conditions. Accepts phone and mini-tablets up to 4-3/8” wide (110mm). Anodized aluminum construction and soft touch grippers can be adjusted in any direction to ensure they do not interfere with buttons. COMPRESSION RING included for eyepieces from 39mm to 60.75mm in diameter

Smokeless Fire Pit

solo stove hunting gifts

Need hunting gifts for the grilling enthusiast looking to level up their game? This smokeless fire pit elevates the campfire experience by eliminating the frustration of traditional fires and creates a centerpiece to gather around. It is perfect size for small backyards, with the portability to take on the go. And the grilling bundle gives you the benefits of a fire pit, with all the basics you need to maximize cooking and entertaining.

All-In-One Tire Repair Kit

tire slime tire repair kit

Everyone could use an emergency tire repair complete kit, especially hunters. You don’t want to get stuck out in the woods with a flat tire, no spare, and no reception to call for assistance. This all-in-one kit takes just 10 minutes to repair and fully inflate a tire with the simple push of a button. No jack or tools are needed and no need to remove the tire or the valve core. Each and every vehicle a hunter owns should have one of these handy kits inside.

Salt Remover And Protectant

salts gone

Salts Gone is an instantly acting salt and brine remover for vehicles, boats, and other industrial applications such as tractors, spreaders, and other implements after using corrosive fertilizers and such in your spreader. It is PH neutral and safe on all surfaces. It can also be applied with or without running water.

Tree Stand Lifeline

tree stand lifeline hunting gifts

Tree stand safety is something every hunter should take seriously, which means a hunter should have plenty of tree stand lifelines. A 3-Pack is perfect for hunters who have multiple stand locations and setups. These lifelines come complete with recon carabiners and sound dampeners that eliminates rattles and clangs.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

 A first aid kit is a must at the camp or out on the hunt. And if you are going to get a first aid kit, what better than one full of military-grade components put together by combat veterans? Be sure to add this to your hunting gifts list.


trail keg hunting gift

The TrailKeg Gallon growler can be filled with a hunter’s favorite beverage, and easily transported to anywhere they love to hike, camp, climb, lounge, you name it. It keeps any drink cold for up to 24 hours and it can even be used as a portable keg for beer. The double-sealing lid will even keep beer pressurized till you open the lid!

Portable Hand Folding Saw

bahco folding saw

Clearing brush for shooting lanes is crucial for hunters and lugging heavy tools out to the woods can be a pain. This is where a portable handsaw comes in handy. Specially designed for bushcraft, hunters, and campers, this saw comes with a plastic holster for belt carrying, making it easy to tote to the woods. The heavy-duty blade makes sawing through even larger limbs and saplings a breeze.

Ratchet Pruner

hooyman rachet pruner

Be sure to throw a pair of these ratchet pruners into your hunting gifts, as well. These pruners are built to last and withstand abuse season after season, year after year. The ratchet design compounds force with a series of easy squeezes for maximum cutting power with minimal effort. Cut quicker and hunt longer. These pruners were made to last with a lifetime warranty.

Universal Chainsaw Carrier

sawhaul hunting gifts

And for the really big jobs that require a chainsaw, consider the SawHaul universal chainsaw carrier/mount. It is compatible with all chainsaw brands and the kit includes all mounting hardware, and installs in less than 30 minutes. It fits any standard bar up to 20″.  Longer scabbards are available.  It is backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and can be mounted on your tractor and your UTV.

Hunting Gifts – Electronics

Highspeed Viewer

lowdown viewer

For those hunters that utilize numerous trail cameras, having enough time to view all of the images their cameras capture, quickly, can be an issue. The Lowdown Viewer allows hunters to quickly look through pictures right there in the field. It includes two full-sized SD card ports (one for captured images and videos, a second for storage) that are compatible with cards up to 128GB each. The 9-inch screen and scroll bar feature allows easy moving through a loaded SD card and it is rechargeable at home or in a vehicle.

Portable Ozone Generator

ozonics portable ozone

Ozone generators are, increasingly, becoming valuable tools for deer hunters. These portable devices can be taken out into the field or kept in a shooting house to help to mask a hunter’s scent from their quarry. There are even smaller versions that can be kept in a car or truck to remove unwanted smells. It’s an interesting technology that actually works and should, absolutely, be considered for your hunting gifts list.

Cellular Trail Camera

barn owl trail camera

From keeping track of animal movements in different hunting locations to security, trail cameras can have a number of applications, and being able to monitor those cameras remotely is a huge time saver. In this case, cellular trail cameras are the perfect solution. Consider a solar-powered and remote-controlled unit option like this Barn Owl to cut down on the need to replace batteries and make unnecessary trips to the camp.

Hybrid Power Flashlight

The innovative technology of a hybrid power flashlight allows you to have all the benefits of rechargeable power while keeping the flexibility that AC power or dry cell batteries can provide. The Infinity X1 lets you to use the right power based on your constantly changing lighting requirements.

Rechargeable Headlamp

biolite headlamp hunting gift

For those hunts that start before sun up or last until the sun has gone down, having a hands-free light source is perfect. A headlamp that offers up to 800 lumens of brightness, is multi-angle adjustable, USB rechargeable, and can run up to 150 hours on a charge will provide light while keeping hands free to carry everything else. A great addition to your hunting gifts list.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

outdoor bluetooth speakers

Whether it’s gathering around the campfire or a cool afternoon by the water, music is a great way to set the mood. Enjoy 360° full-bodied sound indoors or out with these cleverly designed Bluetooth speakers. The included removable stakes allow for strategic placement outdoors for optimal music results. Pair two units together and have a backyard party regardless of the weather. The durable, waterproof design ensures you can keep the party going, wherever you take it.

Headphones for Hunting/Shooting

Axil ear buds hunting gifts

These headphones are like three products in one. They’re like having Bluetooth earbuds, noise isolation headphones, and electronic ear muffs all in one product. They can be switched between hearing enhancement & protection mode to Bluetooth audio mode, or both modes can be used at the same time with independent volume controls to tune to the hunter’s environment. Add these to your hunting gifts list if you have a hunter that is experiencing any hearing loss.

2-Way Satellite Communication

spot x

A 2-way satellite communication device is an essential piece of hunting gear. It allows hunters to stay connected to family, friends, and colleagues whenever they are outside of the cellular range, and even gives you direct communications with Search & Rescue services in case of a life-threatening emergency.

Portable Jump Starter

zeus jump starter

This portable battery charger can get hunters back on the road when no one’s on the other end of the jumper cables, can fully recharge power tools and can revive a dead device if no power supply is near. This great hunter’s gift deserves a place in every hunter’s vehicle.

Hunting Gifts – In The Kitchen

Meat Grinder

MEAT meat grinder hunting gifts

If a hunter processes their own meat then a heavy-duty meat grinder is a must. This grinder’s powerful 1 HP motor spits out 11 to 14 lbs of ground meat per minute and comes with coarse and fine stainless steel grinding plates and stuffing horns to handle all kinds of meat. Fill a freezer with ground venison in no time with this MEAT! grinder.

Meat Dehydrator

MEAT meat dehydrator

Dehydrate that next kill with this 10 Tray Dehydrator. The ten stackable trays are perfect for all different kinds of jerky, plus the 360-degree circulation ensures even cooking for each piece. Temperature adjusts from 90 degrees all the way to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. A removable drip tray is included for easy clean-up, and an LED control is built-in with a 30-hour timer and auto shut off.

Vacuum Sealer

MEAT vacuum sealer hunting gift

Hunters want to preserve the meat they bring home to ensure the best-tasting wild game possible and what better way to do that than with a top-of-the-line vacuum sealer? A vacuum sealer is a must-have for optimizing how long your kill is kept fresh in the freezer.  It seals your game to exact specs, thanks to this sealers control panel featuring adjustable seal time, adjustable vacuum, pressure gauge, and digital time display. Comes equipped with a locking latch for added stability and a removable drip tray for easy cleanup.

Jerky Gun

MEAT jerky gun hunting gifts

Making jerky from home is another great way to utilize meat from a hunt. Hunters can create the most delicious jerky out of all the meat they process using this jerky gun kit. It includes 3/16″ x 1-3/16″ and 1/2″ snack stick diameters. The gun will hold up to 1.5lbs of meat, and the kit also includes a cleaning brush for easy cleaning.

Hank Shaw Cookbooks

If you’re in need of a hunting gift idea for your hunter/chef, consider a new cookbook.

Buck, Buck, Moose cookbook

 Buck, Buck, Moose is the first comprehensive, lushly photographed, full-color guide to working with and cooking all forms of venison, including deer, elk, moose, antelope, and caribou. It will take readers around the world, from nose to tail, and features more than 100 recipes ranging from traditional dishes from six continents to original recipes never before seen. This cookbook also gives thorough instructions on how to butcher, age, and store venison; how to use virtually every part of the animal; and a lengthy section on curing venison and sausage-making.

Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail, cookbook

Pheasant, Quail, Cottontail shows hunters how to cook small game like a pro: perfectly crisp skin over tender breast meat, melt-in-your-mouth braises and confit, stews, sausages, and more. Hank Shaw provides all a hunter needs to know about obtaining, cleaning, and cooking birds ranging from quail to pheasant, turkey to dove, and beyond. This book also contains detailed information on how best to treat these various species in the kitchen, how to select them in the market, as well as how to pluck, clean, and hang wild birds. 

Hunting Gifts – Clothing/Apparel

Rain Gear Upgrade

Hunters don’t want to let a little rain stop them from a day out, so a rain gear upgrade is a great hunting gift idea. This Barricade Jacket (and Bibs below) from AFTCO are available in many camo options for hunters that are looking for an extra layer of stealth, while also staying dry. This jacket is perfect for staying comfortable in windy, foul weather conditions whether you’re in the woods or on the boat fishing. Everyone loves gear that can multitask.

aftco bib

Merino Wool Base Layers

merino wool shirt hunting gift

Base layers are important for a hunter and ones that can be worn year-round are, no matter the weather conditions, a great hunting gift idea. A midweight merino wool top is perfect for just about any and all situations, from early-season hunts throughout the late season. This top wicks moisture cools when warm, insulates when cold, and also utilizes 19.5-micron natural Merino Wool which is itch-free and extremely comfortable.

merino wool pants

Once you’ve picked up the Merino Wool top, don’t forget about the bottoms. This full base layer set will become the go-to just about any time your hunter steps afield. 

Tick Repellant Clothing

tick repellant clothing hunting gifts

Ticks and chiggers are a real issue while in the woods so hunters need to protect themselves as much as they can. A full set of insect-repellant clothing is something every hunter should have. This Equinox Guard set helps prevent contact with insects in three distinct ways: limited skin exposure, bite-reduction fabric, and built-in Insect Shield®. The hoody, pants, and gloves all work together to provide maximum protection from unwanted insects and the lightweight material is also comfortable and moisture-wicking, especially in hot, humid conditions.

A No Hassle Belt

groove belt

Every hunter could use a no-hassle belt, be it out on the hunt or just in everyday life. The Groove Belt is perfect for the office, the woods, the backyard, and everywhere in between. This belt maintains a comfortable all-day fit with the right amount of stretch and the buckle uses high-strength magnets for an easy, seamless snap-on/snap-off. Adjust to fit once and forget it. And the even offer camo options for those hunters who just have to be concealed from head to toe.

Snakeproof Gaiters

Turtle Armor snakeproof gaiters hunting gifts

Trekking through the woods can sometimes bring you into contact with venomous snakes. You never know what could be hiding underneath the brush or on the other side of that downed log. A quality pair of snakeproof gaiters are a must; allowing hunters to hunt with confidence and pay attention to where they are shooting, not where they are stepping. The Turtleskin® Snake Armor is made of ballistic fibers in a fabric that is snakebite-proof, windproof, waterproof, and exceptionally flexible. They are comfortable to wear in all weather and terrain. Definitely, one of the best gifts for a hunter.

For The Hunter Who Has Everything

Hunting And Wildlife Management Software


Hunters can have so many things to keep track of, the iSportsman ARX app can make that so much easier. For hunters that lease hunting land, they offer a virtual sign-in board that allows the whole club to see where everyone is without returning to the sign-in shed. Automatically track sunrise/sunset, temperature, winds, and other weather data each time you sign in to hunt. Record your observations and harvests as they happen and review maps and charts that will show you where, when and in what conditions you are seeing the most game. You can even manage all of your cell-enabled trail cams in iSportsman ARX to review videos and images and determine where and when your best opportunities and best stand locations should be hunted. These are just some of the features the app offers, check it out below.

Chestnut Trees

chestnut seed hunting gifts

How about a hunting gift that you never would have considered? A chestnut tree. Dunstan Chestnut seedling trees are the best and most widely planted chestnut trees in America and are the best tree to plant for attracting deer and wildlife. They have excellent nut quality and tree form with blight resistance. Dunstan chestnut trees have been grown successfully from Maine and New York, West to Illinois and Wisconsin, and South to East Texas and Florida. The payoff will take time and effort but it will absolutely be worth it.

Soil Health Assessment Kit

soil health assessment test

Any hunter that maintains their own food plots or green fields needs to know the quality of their soil so a soil health assessment would be a great gift for the “hard to buy for” hunter. The Soil Health Assessment from Ward Labs goes beyond other soil tests and measures the biological, chemical, and physical properties of the soil. It measures soil fertility and soil health in a single test so it helps measure and manage the health of the soil without compromising crop productivity.

Cell Phone Signal Booster


The vast majority of hunting takes place in remote areas, which can lead to a lack of cell signal. Now, while being out in the wild and detached from one’s phone can definitely be preferred and a good thing, situations do arise where hunters need to be able to keep in contact. That is where a cell signal booster comes in handy. The Drive Sleek from Weboost is an in-vehicle cell signal booster for single users. It is designed to boost coverage for any phone that fits within its cradle; which adjusts to fit devices between 5.1” and 7.5” long. The Drive Sleek works on all US carrier networks and puts an end to dropped calls while also improving voice quality, data speeds, audio streaming, and the ability to run multiple apps at once.

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a great hunting gift idea for the hunter who has everything. Great Days Outdoors delivers all of the hunting and fishing content that matters most to the Southern Sportsman. All the how-to, where-to, and when-to’s in 12 monthly issues – plus free access to the digital edition!

Donation To Conservation Group

A donation to a conservation group in someone’s name is a great hunter’s gift if you are having trouble deciding on what to get. Hunters know conservation is vital and a donation to a respected, reputable organization will help maintain the hunt for generations to come. Below are four conservation groups that do fantastic work.

National Wild Turkey Federation
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
National Deer Association
Quail / Pheasants Forever

Hunting Gifts – Stocking Stuffers

Orange Aglow Safety Panels

orange safety panel

Hunters can never have enough orange so orange safety panels always make great hunting gifts. These panels will fit on the exterior of a backpack to increase visibility day and night. They are made of lightweight blaze orange polyester mesh and come in three sizes. Each panel has hook-and-loop closures for easy and quick attachment to a backpack, antlers, a horse, etc. There is even reflective material on the loops too so they can be seen at night. A perfect addition to your hunting gifts list.

Sting Relief Swabs


Let’s face it, insect bites and stings are absolutely going to happen while out in the wild. While your hunter could tough it out, having instant relief from the pain and itch would be a great thing. These easy-to-carry little vials contain a concentrated, over-the-counter insect bite treatment that combines benzocaine and menthol to instantly cool and relieve the pain and itch of everything from bee/wasp stings and mosquito bites to bites from chiggers, black flies, ants, and even spiders.

Lens Wipes

lens wipes

Lens wipes may not come to mind when thinking of hunting gift ideas but they would definitely be appreciated when pulled out of a stocking on Christmas morning. Whether it’s glasses, binoculars, a rangefinder, or a scope, hunters have lots of lenses they rely on, and keeping those lenses clean is of the utmost importance. You never want to go to squeeze the trigger on a deer only to find your vision obscured by a smudge or some dirt. These lens wipes are Individually wrapped and disposable for convenient use on the go. They are safe for cleaning lenses with anti-reflective coating or a prescription, clean without leaving streaks or residue, and are guaranteed not to scratch.

Lens Cleaning Pen

lens cleaning pen

If you think your hunter would prefer a lens cleaning solution with a little more staying power than disposable wipes, consider the original LensPen. Perfect for cleaning binocular lenses, small aperture spotting scopes, eyepieces, and other optical items, it comes with a handy retractable dust removal brush and a special non-liquid cleaning element, designed to never dry out. The pen is environment-friendly and non-toxic, easy to carry along in a pocket, safe, and very easy to use.

Under The Hood Animal Repeller

rodent repeller

Rodents can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s engine, particularly those hard to get to wires. Especially vehicles that are left, unused, for long periods of time. The little fellas will get in there and chew through anything they can. That’s where an under-the-hood animal repeller comes in handy. This battery-operated, weather-resistant device produces powerful sound waves that are very irritating to small animals, keeping them from making a home in a tractor, UTV, or camper.

Merino Wool Underwear

merino wool boxers

A great, comfortable pair of underwear is a thing that should never be overlooked and you can’t get much better than Merino wool boxers. These 100% superfine Merino wool underwear provide all-day comfort with no itch! Designed for daily wear without the rubbing and overheating of regular cotton, these boxers are perfect for hunters to wear year-round…keeping them cool in summer and adding an extra warm layer in cold weather. For hunters that hike, they are an absolute must for preventing chafing that frequently occurs with cotton or Polyester underwear.

Tactical Rifle Muzzle Cover

rifle muzzle covers

A wonderful stocking stuffer, these handy little rubber covers are perfect for keeping out dirt, water, or anything else that may find its way into the barrel of a gun. They have great flexibility, fit securely, and work on all muzzle sizes. They can be shot through, as well, so there is no need to waste time removing the cover before firing a shot.

Multi-Purpose Drill Water Pump

drill water pump

Hunters often have a need to move water in remote areas. Whether that be filling up a camper or filling a sprayer while planting food plots, this transfer pump will be a great piece of kit that will eventually come in handy for the hunter in your life. It runs on a cordless drill, so it’s easy to power no matter how remote you may be.

Silicone Treated Gun Sock

silicon gun sock hunting gift

Silicone-treated, knit gun socks are great gift ideas for hunters. Made with silicone-treated fabric so they don’t hold moisture, these gun socks will protect firearms from gun rust in the most humid of climates. Gun Socks fit and store most rifles and shotguns and the ergonomic, roll-up sock design allows for portable and convenient gun storage. They are perfect for long-term, short-term, and in-transit firearm storage.

Gun Cleaning Cloths

gun cloth

A perfect stocking stuffer, these silicone gun cleaning cloths are a must for every hunter. They are great for wiping down firearms stored in a gun safe, keeping them fingerprint and rust-free. These cloths are easy to use, travel well, and work great when a full-on cleaning/lubricating session is not required.

Tire Sidewall Repair Kit

tire sidewall repair kit

Every hunter should have one, or several, of these Gluetread sidewall repair kits in any vehicle they take off-road. Designed to patch larger slices or punctures on the sidewall of a tire, this repair kit is a quality quick fix for any unforeseen tire damage while in the woods or at the camp. This little kit will make your hunter’s life a lot easier when that tractor, UTV, or truck tire sidewall gets punctured.

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