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Enclosed Deer Stand Features to Evaluate

Enclosed deer stands and elevated hunting box blinds have been a part of America’s deer hunting culture for decades. Naturally, numerous companies have entered the market, creating a crowded field of market offerings. Because of this, it’s never been more important to evaluate features when choosing an enclosed deer stand. Follow along as I detail the features to consider in an enclosed deer stand purchase.


Enclosed Deer Stand Safety Features

An enclosed deer stand should first and foremost be safe. If it isn’t safe, it isn’t worth hunting from. Obviously, this requires durable construction and quality materials.



“The blinds we build are meant to be out there for years and years, and really last forever,” said Cody Borgfeld, vice president and general manager of Texas Hunter Products. “One blind we make is made with aluminum siding. That’s an all-weather material. As well as a material called starboard, which is also a material that’s made to last forever. You want something that’s going to last more than a few years.”

Weight capacity is another consideration. Study how much weight the blind, and associated elevated platforms, can support. Make sure you, fellow hunters, and gear won’t come close to surpassing these limits.

A sturdy ladder or staircase for easy access is another important element. It’s crucial to have a sturdy, wobble-free ladder with handrailing. Being safe, and feeling safe, are crucial.

Wind resistance and anchoring are important, too. There’s always that person who goes out and sets up a blind. Then, a thunderstorm blows through and then they are looking for parts to rebuild. Of course, that’s never a fun time.




enclosed deer stand

A good hunting blind can elevate a hunter’s chance of success.


“There are a thousand different ways to tie down a blind,” Borgfeld said. “But we recommend screw-in, auger-type anchors. We recommend four per blind, and using cement to anchor down can make it no-questions-asked when a windstorm blows through. It’s solid in the ground.”


Comfort And Convenience Features In Enclosed Deer Stands

Once the blind checks all safety boxes, it’s time to observe comfort and convenience. Hunters must select a blind that offers sufficient seating space. So, choose a size that fits one, two, or three hunters accordingly.

Ergonomic design is another factor. This is especially true for prolonged sitting. Of course, that has almost as much to do with the chair as the blind. Still, the blind contributes. That’s certainly true regarding insulated walls, which impact temperature control.

Ample storage for arm space, leg space, accessing hunting gear, wielding weapons, and using other equipment are necessary as well. So is having easy-to-reach shooting ports or windows when that shot opportunity finally comes.


Hard-Sided Hunting Blinds Stealth And Concealment Features

Large, hard-sided hunting blinds aren’t the stealthiest of things visually. However, good ones take steps to draw less attention. For example, some offer camouflage patterns or earth-tone colors. Plus, these also have minimal reflective surfaces that might spook deer. Furthermore, these have window glass types or systems that make it more difficult for deer and other game to see movement inside the blind. (And don’t forget UV protection to prevent fading or degradation.)


enclosed deer stand

Placing enclosed blinds can even help overcome swirling winds.


Visuals aside, good hard-sided hunting blinds provide noise-reducing construction. This comes in the form of carpeted floors and ceilings, as well as insulated walls. Essentially, it’s walled in with materials that dampen sound. These even offer noiseless operation of doors and windows.

And most importantly, quality designs offer scent control measures, too. Keeping the windows closed helps keep scent contained, even with poor wind directions and swirling winds. Plus, certain seal designs are better at preventing pest intrusion.

“We try to work with all options to fit most hunters,” said Borgfeld. “Whether it be combo window setups, completely closed windows, to a more affordable blind that has a sliding window system.”


Visibility And Shooting Features In Tower Deer Stands

Visibility is another important component of a good blind. Certain window designs are more or less optimal for visibility. Furthermore, these are more or less designed for multiple shooting angles.

“It’s important to evaluate that, because everyone hunts differently,” said Borgfeld. “It’s about what fits the way you hunt. Whether it be rifle windows, bow windows, sliding door, pocket door, full-size walk-through door, ladder vs. full stair system, etc.”

Additionally, the presence of a quiet shooting rest and rail design limits unwanted noise and decreases risk of scratching a gun stock. Hunters want neither spooked game nor damaged gear because of a poor window design.


deer stand shooting windows

Windows configurated for bowhunting is a necessary feature.


Some windows are designed specifically for archery or firearms, too. Generally, horizontal windows are best for guns and vertical windows are best for bows. Having a mix of both window types is ideal for hunters who enjoy both weapon types.

Another important element is choosing the right tower height for the deer stand. The height of the tower is greatly important for those who hunt in rolling terrain. Generally, shorter platforms (ground to 4 feet) are ideal for situations where height isn’t necessary. However, when needed to see over a rise, or when attempting to see over vegetation, a taller platform, such as an 8-foot option, might be better.

“Different terrain can dictate what size tower you’re looking for, whether it be a ground-level, 4-foot, or 8-foot tower,” said Borgfeld. “There are so many different options and ways to hunt. That’s why there are so many options out there on the market.”


Elevated Hunting Blinds Installation And Maintenance Features

Installation and maintenance are notable considerations as well. Ease of assembly and disassembly are important to some consumers. As is consideration of weight for transportation. When choosing a blind, ensure you have the means to transport and install it.


Hunting Box Blinds Accessibility Features

All things considered, the blind is pretty much useless if the hunter can’t access it with reasonable ease. That makes certain designs for easier access—think elderly or physically limited hunters—even more important. It also impacts consideration of location and proximity to hunting areas.


box blind

The right hunting blind will offer the features a hunter needs.


“The stair system offers a nice, gradual slope,” said Borgfeld. “It’s also a wide stair system. Hunters are getting older and/or smarter. It’s the ease of getting into the blinds. With some competitors, some get very narrow, and others have only one handrail.

“Once at the door, it’s a nice, full, walk-through door,” Borgfeld continued. “You don’t have to worry about bending down. You can place your stuff right inside the blind. In the blind, it’s the window systems. The windows seal nicely. Plus, the shelf is nice to set stuff in.”


Enclosed Deer Stand Price And Budget Considerations

Once hunters determine their needs, and what blinds have to offer, reflect once again on the price. Evaluate the cost in relation to the features offered. Consider long-term durability and cost-effectiveness versus cheaper or DIY alternatives. Quality lasts longer than cheap, easy routes. Sometimes, it’s cost effective and more enjoyable to pay more up front for less maintenance and prolonged life.


Enclosed Deer Stands Reviews And Recommendations

Don’t be afraid to study reviews and recommendations. Research customer reviews and ratings. Seek expert advice or consult hunting forums. Find online information regarding various offerings of interest. Then, make a well-educated decision on the right enclosed deer stand or elevated box blind for you.


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