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36 Father’s Day Fishing Gifts for 2023

With Father’s Day approaching fast, it’s time to start thinking about what to get for those dads who love to fish. Whether they enjoy fishing saltwater or fresh, offshore, beach or surf fishing, fly fishing, or any other type of fishing; we have Father’s Day fishing gifts that will work for every fishing dad out there.

Ice Maker Machine

EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine

This powerful and efficient ice maker is the perfect gift to enhance you dad’s fishing experience. With its commercial-grade performance, it ensures a constant supply of ice, keeping his catch fresh and his beverages chilled. The sleek design and compact size make it easy to fit in any kitchen or outdoor space. Whether he’s hosting a fishing trip or enjoying a relaxing day by the lake, this reliable ice maker will provide him with an endless stream of ice. Give your dad the gift of convenience and enjoyment with the EUHOMY Commercial Ice Maker Machine.

Fish Measuring Board

Fish Measuring Board

Make Father’s Day memorable for your fishing enthusiast dad with a new fish measuring board. This practical and essential tool is a perfect gift to enhance his fishing adventures. A fish measuring board allows him to accurately measure the size of his catches, ensuring compliance with fishing regulations and adding an element of challenge to his fishing experience. Its durable construction and clear markings make it easy to read and use, while the compact size allows for convenient storage and transport.

Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station

Gift your dad the perfect power supply source for his fishing adventures with Jackery’s entry-level Explorer 240 Portable Power Station. Weighing only 6.6 lbs, this compact power station can easily accompany him on fishing trips, hikes, or camping expeditions. Its reliable performance and sleek design, coupled with advanced safety features, make it an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Surprise your dad this Father’s Day with the Explorer 240 power station and elevate his fishing experience to new heights.

Original BogaGrip

father's day fishing gifts Original BogaGrip

The BogaGrip Fish Gripper was designed to provide fishermen with a simple way to catch and release fish. It can land, handle, and weigh fish quickly without causing any injuries to the fish, making them more likely to survive catch and release. The stainless steel design allows for frequent use in both fresh or saltwater.


Boomerang Tool Line Cutter

father's day fishing gifts Boomerang Tool Line Cutter

This compact, lightweight, and durable cutting tool is a perfect Father’s Day fishing gift. The corrosion-resistant, stainless steel blades cut through line, even braided, with ease. Keep it attached to a belt loop or the boat with the spring-loaded, retractable leash and never have to search for a cutting tool again.

Ghosthorn Fishing Backpack

Father's day fishing gifts Fishing Backpack

A tackle storage backpack would be great for the dads out there that enjoy beach and surf fishing. This durable pack is built for comfort and convenience. It is equipped with a rod holder, has front and side pockets for extra storage, and is large enough to carry all the daily fishing gear you would need. The padded shoulder straps adjust allowing you to easily go from a fishing backpack to a fishing sling you can wear on your chest, giving you easy access to anything you might need while in the water. The bag is durable and water-resistant so you can keep your keys, phone, wallet, or anything else that needs to be kept dry, dry. 

Foreverlast G2 Wadefishing Belt Gear Kit

father's day fishing gifts wade fishing belt

An all-in-one fishing belt allows for more time to be spent out in the water fishing without having to run back and forth to the shore. This belt includes pliers, a 12 foot fishing stringer, a removable tackle box, rod and drink holders. Each element can be adjusted for the fit each fisherman’s desired placement for comfort. There is also removable back support system so you can stay out in the water fishing for longer. A great idea for the dad that enjoys surf fishing, wade fishing, or fly fishing.

Surf, Beach, or Pier Fishing Cart

A quality beach cart is a great fishing gift for dad. Load this cart up with everything needed for a day of fishing on the beach. Rods, ice chest, tackle box, chairs, you name it. A food-grade cutting board with removable bucket provides a solid work station to prep bait or a catch. Easily roll this cart over the sand, a weathered pier, or rocky trail to get to that favorite spot. For more options, check out our list of some of the best fishing carts available.

Fish-In-Mate Sand Flea Rake

father's day fishing gifts sand flea rake

Every surf fisherman needs a good sand flea rake. The rugged aluminum construction makes it strong yet lightweight and the 10″ wide basket will have you effectively scooping up the little critters from the sand. The detachable 42″ long handle makes digging through the sand easy on the back and it comes off for easy storage. Fill your bait bucket and get to fishing faster with a good sand flea rake.

DANCO Aluminum Sand Spike

father's day fishing gifts Aluminum Sand Spike

The Danco Sports 50″ sand spike is a durable aluminum rod holder that works great for setting up rods when surf fishing. It is sleek, very well made, and the adjustable rod seats let you set the height depending on the rod you are using. Grab more than one so you can get as many lines in the water as you can keep an eye on.


SunShade Backpack Beach Chair

Father's day fishing gifts Backpack Beach Chair

This SunShade backpack beach chair is a great Father’s Day gift idea for fishing dads out there. The chair is easy to carry with the backpack straps and once it is set up, it will keep dad out on the beach longer. The mesh backrest, featuring a head pillow, is designed to keep you cool and comfortable and the umbrella-like shade has a UPF rating of 50 and is adjustable so it can be angled to minimize exposure to the sun. Sit relaxed and out of the sun as you wait for that next bite.

Boat Bean Bag Chair

For an awesome new seat on dad’s boat, check out these marine beanbag chairs. They are a great addition to any boat. As seats, they aren’t stationary so they can be moved around the boat depending on where you need them, when you need them there. They are durably built, weather resistant, water repellent, and super comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, you could even sleep in one. For more options, check out our list of some of the best boat bean bag chairs available.

FUJI Optical Rod Tip Repair Kit

Rod Tip Repair Kit

This rod tip repair kit is a great Fathers Day fishing gift idea. The convenient kit contains three of the most widely used rod tips and is a must have for any tackle box. The quick drying glue will have your rod ready for fishing again in seconds.

Plano EDGE 3700 XL Line Management Tackle Box

father's day fishing gifts plano EDGE Line Management Box

Give dad some frustration relief this Father’s Day with a better way to store his fishing line and a more efficient way to put line on his reels. He can manage, store, and protect all types of monofilament and braided line, from the largest bulk spools to the smaller filler spools. This line management tackle box also doubles as a spooling station and makes putting line on reels a breeze. No more awkward set ups. No more team work required.

AO Coolers Insulated Kill Bag

Big Game Insulated Kill Bag

For those dads that fish for bigger game, an insulated kill bag is one of the best Father’s Day fishing gifts. Larger fish don’t always fit in a standard ice chest so an insulated bag is needed to keep the catch fresh and cool. The heavy duty 18 oz vinyl outside is tear, UV, and mildew resistant and the reinforced bottom won’t rip while being dragged off the boat. Four heavy duty straps make for easy transport and the included mylar filet bags let you process your fish on the boat if you’d like. This a must for dad’s next fishing adventure.

Backpack Cooler

A backpack cooler is a great Father’s Day fishing gift idea. Easily carry any drinks out to the beach or any other fishing spot, keeping hands free to tote fishing gear. With this durable cooler, keep your drinks cold and away from any fish you pack into your main ice chest. For more options, check out our list of some of the best fishing coolers available.

Fishing Shoes

Huk Ankle boots

One of the best fishing gifts for dads is a great pair of rubber ankle boots. Easy to slip on, completely waterproof, durable, and comfortable. These shoes are perfect for a day out on the boat. For more options, check out our list of some of the best fishing shoes available.

AFTCO Rain Jacket

AFTCO Rain Jacket

Every fishing dad needs a good, portable rain jacket. The Transformer fishing jacket from AFTCO packs entirely into its own right pocket, allowing it to be carried along on every fishing trip. The lightweight water resistant fabric, adjustable hood, and the Velcro cuffs will keep the wearer dry in rainy conditions.

Fishing Sun Hat

Shelta Seahawk

Protection from the sun is a must, especially the face and top of the head. That’s where a great sun hat comes in handy. The Shelta Seahawk is designed to provide extra sun protection on those seriously hot days on the water and features an adjustable chin strap to secure the hat when you’re underway or in windy conditions.

Bajio Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Father's day fishing gifts bajio sunglasses

Every fishing dad needs a great pair of polarized sunglasses. When deciding on a new pair, form and function should be considered. Bajio sunglasses definitely check both of these boxes. A wrap-around style with additional side coverage built into the design, these sunglasses are light and durable. The lenses have durable anti-scratch and oleophobic coatings and come in six different colors, all polarized, so you can tailor your glasses to your desired look and function.

Fishing Lures – The Slick Lure

Father's day fishing gifts The Slick Lure

New fishing lures should certainly be on a Father’s Day fishing gifts list. The SLICK is a tournament winning, long casting, soft plastic jerk bait that delivers erratic baitfish movement. This best in class lure for is perfect for large trout, redfish, snook, flounder and bass.

Fishing Lures – MirrOdine

father's day fishing gifts Mirrodine

MirrOdine feature bright, reflective, luminescent inserts, “fish calling” rattles and natural 3-D eyes to enhance their realism, plus extra strong hooks. With a twitching retrieve, these baits dart from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, redfish, snook, striped bass and tarpon find the MirrOdines to be irresistible.

YETI Bucket

father's day fishing gifts yeti bucket

You can never have enough heavy duty buckets. Whether dad needs to tote gear or a place to bleed fish to get better quality fillets…this bucket is built for lugging, loading, and getting the job done.

YETI Bucket Utility Gear Belt

father's day fishing gifts Bucket Gear Belt

Go ahead and pick up a gear utility belt to go with that new bucket. The super sturdy design will hold up to any gear or tackle you carry along with you.

Hard Cooler

father's day fishing gifts yeti cooler

Whether you’re packing it with freshly caught fish or filling it with beer, a quality heavy duty cooler is always a need. These YETI coolers can stand up to almost anything and definitely keep your ice, and whatever is in that ice, cold for days on end. Checkout the larger sizes for the boat or grab one with wheels for those beach fishing trips. For more options, check out our list of some of the best fishing coolers available.

Gamakatsu Dry Bag

father's day fishing gifts gamakatsu dry bag

A dry bag is a must have when your fishing. Be it on the beach, in a kayak, or on a boat, you definitely need a place to keep your valuables safe and dry. This dry bag is 100% waterproof with sealed seams and breathable back padding for comfort. The top rolls and clips securely to prevent leakage, the front zippered pocket protects valuables, and it compacts tightly for storage when not in use.

Ugly Stik Tackle Bag

tackle storage bag

A tackle bag should be added to your Father’s Day fishing gifts list. This one stop bag is a perfect way to bring along any and all gear needed for a day of fishing. No more lugging a big, heavy tackle box. With a large main compartment that holds up to 4 medium utility boxes, only bring the gear you need for the day and keep your equipment accessible and out of sand and surf.

Bubba Fishing Gaff

Father's day fishing gifts bubba fishing gaffe

Every boat needs a gaff and the hallmark of a great gaff is the quality of the grip. You don’t want dad to lose a fish and his gaff because it slipped out of his hands. Bubba Fishing Gaffs are some of the highest quality gaffs available. The carbon fiber shaft is designed for ultimate strength while remaining lightweight and the iconic red non-slip grip gives maximum control when it matters most.

EGO Kryptek Landing Net

father's day fishing gifts landing net

Add a handheld landing net to your list of Father’s Day fishing gifts this year. Perfect for those kayak and wade fishermen out there, this net utilizes a lightweight and durable hexagonal extruded aluminum handle with an innovative grip design and an 11″ elastic adjustable/removable tether. The rubber netting makes it a great, more humane net for catch and release fishing. It also floats so no worries if it slips out of dad’s hand while he is landing a fish.

GARMIN – inReach Explorer+ Handheld Satellite Communicator

father's day fishing gifts Handheld Satellite Communicator

If dad takes his boat out far enough that he can no longer see land, a 2-way satellite communication device is a great Father’s Day gift idea. It allows him to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues whenever  outside of cellular range, and even gives direct communications with Search & Rescue services in case of a life-threatening emergency.

ENGEL Live Bait Cooler

father's day fishing gifts live bait cooler

A new bait cooler is a great Fathers Day fishing gift idea. With an all-new pull net, fetching bait and changing the water are a breeze in this ENGEL live bait cooler. New placement of the air tube port allows for more of the box capacity to be used while cutting down on overflow splashes. Keep live bait fresh overnight and easily carry them wherever needed with this quality live bait cooler.

ENGEL Rechargeable Live Bait Aerator Pump

Rechargeable Live Bait Aerator Pump

To go along with the new bait cooler, be sure to grab a rechargeable aerator pump. This pump is extremely quiet, reliable, has great battery life, and is easily recharged with the USB-C charger and cable. With this pump, you can fish your bait for up to three days before needing a charge and gone are the days of needing to bring along extra batteries for your aerator.

Mustad Fishing Pliers

father's day fishing gifts fishing pliers

These 6.3″ aluminium fishing pliers are built with a durable CNC-Machined aluminium design. Featuring stainless steel jaws and split ring opener as well as a Tungsten Carbide cutter, these pliers can handle nearly any situation. The Teflon finish ensures great saltwater corrosion resistance. For ease of use, these pliers are spring-loaded.

CLENZOIL Marine & Tackle Fishing Reel Maintenance Kit

reel maintenance kit

Any fishing dad needs to maintain their reels and with this reel maintenance kit, they can keep their equipment running in top condition year round. The pump sprayer cleans, lubricates, and protects every part of the fishing equipment; the precision bearing oil applicator is a must have for any fishing tool kit; and the synthetic reel grease won’t wash out so it continues to perform through many fishing trips.

BioLite Head Lamp

father's day fishing gifts Biolite HeadLamp 750

Powerful lumens and rich features in an ultra-compact space. This pro-line model puts you in complete control of your illumination thanks to Constant Mode, Run Forever pass-thru charging, and 8 different lighting modes that enable you to see and be seen on your next adventure. And with BioLite’s proprietary 3D SlimFit construction, you’ll wear major functionality with maximum comfort.

West Marine Portable Power Station

Father's day fishing gifts Portable Power Station

This portable power station is just an all around useful tool and definitely should be added to your Father’s Day fishing gifts list. Keep this baby in your vehicle or on the boat for all your power or charging needs. It includes a high-powered ultra-bright light, 12V DC outlet and USB port for charging your cell phone or powering 12V devices. It even has jumper cables and an air compressor in case you get a flat on the way to launch your boat or if you run that battery down while out on the water.

AFTCO Fillet Knives

father's day fishing gifts fillet knives

AFTCO’s new 8″, 10″ and 12″ fish fillet knives feature full corrosion resistant 4116 German stainless-steel blades with an up-sweep blade design that maintains an efficient cutting surface while filleting.  The 56-58 Rockwell hardened blade insures sharpness and edge retention. The ergonomically designed over-molded handle is constructed of textured polypropylene which results in a comfortable in-hand feel and a secure and maximum hold in wet conditions.

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