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Exploring the Best Bass Fishing Vacations in Alabama

In the middle of Alabama is a vast region known as the “Black Belt” from the deep, fertile richness of the soil, and this special place needs to be on the radar for everyone who is looking for a great place to visit where they can catch some big bassFor those visitors who want to experience easy living and good fishing for some world-class big bass, the Black Belt of Alabama should be on the list of places to try. Anglers can book affordable all inclusive fishing vacations, some of the best bass fishing vacations in Alabama.

And a very great advantage to visitors who are wise enough to plan a vacation to the Black Belt, the region can be reached from anywhere in the state of Alabama in a very few hours’ drive and from Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee in just a little more driving. The Black Belt and its attractions- like the great fishing- are not far away, and don’t require a major travel plan and preparation.


The Black Belt of Alabama offers some top-notch big bass fishing on a wide range of different waterways.



Pam Swanner, director of Alabama Black Belt Adventures recommends the area for big bass fishing and other family-oriented vacations for a number of reasons. 

“A backroads adventure throughout the Black Belt region of Alabama provides a restful respite from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced everyday life, particularly in the large metro areas.  Getting outdoors promotes a healthy lifestyle and draws the youth away from their electronic focused world,” Swanner said.


Affordable, All Inclusive Bass Fishing Vacations- Three Days or More

For those anglers who like a more inclusive trip with full amenities and great services, and who want to plan big bass fishing vacations in Alabama, the possibilities of the Black Belt are almost endless. Several private lodges offer angling vacationers world-class accommodations, fine dining, and easy access to fishing. Many lodges offer private big-bass fishing lakes, and anglers who visit these lodges stand a good chance of catching the biggest bass of their fishing lifetimes.



If big bass is what you are after, the Black Belt has them.


Some lodges which specialize in giving visiting anglers the chance of catching a bass of a lifetime are found in the Black Belt. Anglers might want to check with any of these fine places to see about a trip for a bass fishing experience.

Alabama Lake Lodge

This lodge features creek-fed lakes with lots of structure to grow and hold big bass. Annual memberships are available for anglers who want to visit more than just once.


Dream Lake Lodge

This lodge offers hunting trips as well as big bass fishing. The private lakes here are stocked with Florida Tiger largemouth bass as well as northern strain largemouth.


Jug Branch Lodge

This lodge offers some great big bass fishing and very comfortable lodging for visitors




fishing vacations in Alabama

Whether on private lodge waters of the big public lakes, big bass are here.


Triple D Ranch

This 3,000 acre facility has five lakes which offer big bass and lots of space to fish.


According to Swanner, there are more than fifty full-service outfitters that offer both fishing and hunting packages in the Black Belt region for anglers looking for affordable, all inclusive bass fishing vacations. 

“The activities available vary from one to the other such as hunting for whitetail deer, bobwhite quail, eastern wild turkey, dove, duck, and small game.  Many provide well-managed lakes for fishing while visiting during hunting seasons,” Swanner explained.

Of course, anglers who want to visit some famous bass fishing waters are in luck with a trip to the biggest draw for bass anglers in the Black Belt. 

“Lake Eufaula proudly claims the title of ‘Big Bass Capital of the World.’ This lake is also known for its fine crappie and big catfish,” Swanner said.  “This lake is an impoundment on the Chattahoochee River that flows between Alabama and Georgia. Lakepoint State Park offers full-service lodge, campground/RV park, cabins, lakeview cottages, and marina. Canoes and kayaks are available for rent, also.”


A wide range of lodges provide excellent services to vacationers in the Black Belt.


Lake Eufaula is massive, and it holds some seriously big bass. The lake has a wide range of big bass fishing options ranging from grass beds for topwater fishing to deep ledges and drop-offs for jig and plastic worm fishing. Spinnerbait fishing around the many trees and docks can be outstanding. There is no shortage of different habitats and holding structure for anglers who are looking for some big bass on Lake Eufaula.

The town of Eufaula is a very nice place to visit for fishing vacations in Alabama, and there are several shops and some very good restaurants for visitors there, also.


Big Bass Fishing Trips- DIY

The Black Belt region is perfect for those traveling anglers who prefer a more “Do it Yourself” type of vacation.  There are a number of  state parks and private RV parks  that make staying in the Black Belt easy and provide quick access to great fishing water. 

Both Lake Eufaula and Millers Ferry are large lakes with big bass, and both have state parks which make a do-it-yourself fishing vacation easy. Roland Cooper State Park on Millers Ferry gives visiting anglers fine boat launch facilities, cabins, and paddle boat rentals. Especially for those who prefer to camp, either in RVs or tents and these state parks are places to come and have a ball with the kids and also have a good shot at catching some really big bass. A do it yourself big bass fishing vacation at one of these state facilities is affordable and easy to do.


fishing vacations in Alabama

There’s something for all family members when staying at a Black Belt lodge.


The Black Belt has some of the very best big bass fishing streams to be found anywhere. Several rivers, including the Pea River, the Chattahoochee, and the Choctawhatchee on the east end of the Black Belt are all excellent fishing streams.  The Alabama River and the Tombigbee River on the western end of the Belt are also prime big bass waters. 

While big bass may be the major calling card, there are other kinds of fish to be chased in the Black Belt. All of the lakes in the Black Belt are prime crappie and catfish waters, and anglers who want to gather up the makings for a big fish fry won’t have to work hard. Visiting anglers have access to some fine smaller public waters that should not be neglected. There are several state fishing lakes which provide easy access to some very good fishing for large bass. 

To date, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources operate Barbour County Lake, Lee County Lake, Crenshaw County Lake, Pike County Lake, Aliceville Reservoir, Lake Harding, and Robert Wehle Nature Center.

A number of the lodges offer affordable, all inclusive fishing vacation stays in supreme comfort and style. These lodges have their own private bass lakes.  These lakes are especially controlled and managed to produce big bass, and the number of anglers allowed to fish the lakes at any time is also controlled. These private big bass lakes can give a visiting angler some memories that will last for the rest of their lives.


Other Non- Fishing Opportunities

It may be hard for us anglers to believe, but some folks don’t want to go fishing all of the time on their vacations, and for these folks, the Black Belt is a wonderful place to visit and experience.


fishing vacations in Alabama

Come prepared to catch the biggest bass of a lifetime.


Swanner says that some of the activities for non-anglers to enjoy while anglers are having fun include bird-watching, hiking, rafting, biking, golfing and more. 

“The Black Belt has great bird-watching areas. The twenty-three county region footprint of the Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association included four of the trails featured in the Alabama Birding Trails.”  She adds that whitewater rafting and zip lining as well as biking trails and some fine golf courses can be found here. Black Belt artisans and craftsmen offer their products for visitors, and the cradle of the civil rights history is here,” Swanner said.

Of course, Tuscaloosa is located in the Black Belt, and in the fall a big bass fishing vacation just might be combined with a Saturday expedition to Bryant-Denney Stadium to cheer for the Tide. 

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