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Winter Bass Tactics

You can catch big bass in the cold of winter if you are prepared.     As November brought us cooler weather, it sent many to the woods in pursuit of Joe Buck or they hit the duck blinds with...

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Coastal Fishing Outlook

Fishing can be great, but you’ll need to watch the weather and rainfall. With hunting seasons all about to be in full swing, the all-around sportsman in South Alabama has a real problem. Fish or...

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Tips for Bass Fishing This Winter

Some of the Best Gifts Don’t Come Wrapped Under a Tree, But on the Water   Yes, I miss the warm, soft breezes of May that blew across the water here on Lake Guntersville. Yes, I miss the warm,...

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December 2017 Lakes Outlook

All I want for Christmas is… some good fishing, and I’m likely to get that in Alabama during the month of December.   Even though there’s no doubt about it, winter here in Alabama, is not...

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Kayak Fishing the Delta

Kayaks offer easy access to places inaccessible to bass boats. When we think of bass fishing, we typically think of glossy high-powered bass boats. With gas prices greater than three times what our...

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